Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a little tip: Showing off Kids Art

Having little ones in school now, we have some serious art work and such things that are most worthy of displaying in our house!

Part of our schoolroom is our "TA DA!" wall ..where we have several ways that we celebrate their paper accomplishments: 

* The Art Frame - a frame I stole from my sisters garage. I took some cork board sheeting and some spray adhesive. I needed several more layers than I actually put on there in order to use push pins. I didnt figure this out until after I had put the frame back together, so we tape everything to it for now.

* The Wire Line - the wire curtain rod, is from Ikea for $15, the clips are $10 for way more clips than you will ever use :) We keep ours up high because our little men like to try to hang their own art work, which doesnt work so much :)

* Clipboards - the clipboards are just boring old $1.50 clipboards from the office supply store. They have little metal loops on the back that allow them to hang on the wall.  We keep them nice and boring, BUT ..if I had girls I would tie cute ribbons to the clip part. AND, if I had several little artists I would add a name tag for each kid too.

We have these in their bedroom also ...they can change the art out so their current favorites are displayed per their choice :)

Right now, we also have our art prints for current art lessons on the wire line and our Steedly Schedule posted on a clipboard.

This allows for several ways to show off our little man's talents ...it works for us!  ....WFMW'ers, remember to refresh the site for the most current posts! ..thanks for being here!

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