Sunday, June 24, 2012

7: Update

Okay, so with the move and such things I have to say that "7" has not been top of the list to write about ...however, it's lessons and challenges have not been far from mind and heart, even still.

Funny how God can take willing learners and give them material to learn with ;) ..what with our lacking a job right now, we are perfectly placed for practicing a little fast on our spending. Since it is largely out of necessity, I am not sure that it will count as a "fast" since its not a sacrifice by choice so much. However, I have to say that though it is kinna required of the moment, the lessons we are learning already about how we have spent excessively in the past are valuable.

Having already experimented with 7's fasts from stress (that one is a two parter is the second part),  possessions, clothing and food I have really loved all that we have gleaned from the act of simply limiting ourselves to the degree that we have. Even then, we are still living excessively when compared to much of the world in every one of those areas.

For the next few weeks I will focus on limiting in the areas of waste and spending. Both are somewhat easier in our present situation, again casting a bit of doubt as to its degree of sacrifice (I mean, a garden harvest at the end of the summer..what is sacrificial about that?!) ...but again, the act of focus is the key.

Looking forward to learning more of Him through this process!

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