Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mom, aka Treasure Hunter

I saw this on a friend's blog in a comment made on one of her posts. The phrase has stuck with me and has caused me to ponder the ideas it eludes to...a mother being a "treasure hunter"

I love it.

How true, that a blessed position of motherhood is that we are to seek out treasures for each and every day of our families.

I am reminded of another mother who did this, and did it well enough to have such a designation in scripture. Luke records that Mary, mother of Jesus was a Treasure Hunter ..

When the Magi brought Jesus the gifts, and honored him as the King ..she " treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

When she had lost and then found a 12-year old Jesus sitting in the Temple talking to the teachers .."she treasured all these things in her heart". Luke 2:51

Since considering this idea, I have found lots of treasures of my own and have heard many spoken of by fellow Treasure Hunters ...treasures that I have found and heard of ..

* When my 5-year old prays for his daddy or baby brother or sister, to be safe and healthy
* When my 3-year old comforts another child who is hurting
* When a friend marvels are her 2-year old daughter, for her beauty and all that God has blessed her with
* When a previously infertile mother, basks in the genius of her 18 month old twin boys who recognized a "truck!" at the red light, just like the one from his truck book at home
* When a mother and grandmother boasts to a long-lost friend of all her offspring's achievements and strongest gifts
* When I watch my husband and boys wrestle on the floor before bedtime, and comforts the little one when he gets hurt
* When my 3 year old gives my other son the "best friend" designation
*When I see a daddy peeking at this infant son through the peep hole in the nursery door at church, to make sure he is okay

These are treasures to be pondered and considered in our hearts, so that we may never forget how wealthy we are!

May you dwell fervently on the treasures in your own life this week!

Happy Thanksgiving my sweet fellow Treasure Hunters!
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