Monday, October 4, 2010

The Velveteen Mommy

I have a personal librarian..or might as well.  My bookish friend shares my love of reading, and we have the passion for similar genres of  Christian fiction. She supplies me with a continuous supply of books, with the benefit of having read them and being able to suggest only the best story lines and thus the best use of my limited reading time..oh, she buys them so I dont have to rack up $$ of debt to the library :)

One little book that she passed on is called the Velveteen Mommy, by Jenn Doucette.

She has a hilarious outlook on the mommish goings-on that come with this crazy season of so many of our lives right now! I have giggled to myself many times since starting to peruse this super easy read. It is SUPER relatable..its like she is in my head :)

One part that I giggled through was when she was describing an experience in the shower room of a swimming pool, with her then 2 and 3 year old. Her confessing she is a "germaphobic" makes this excerpt make me about wet myself :)

...I began vigorously scrubbing our two year old, Katie. Midway through the purification process, I happened to look up at my sanitized son. To my shock and absolute horror, he was crouched on the ground over the shower drain scooping the water in the little circle. It was an echoy room, and i hear myself saying "J.J., now J.J. You need to stop, J.J., that is dirty water. Now honey, icky, icky, icky. While in mid-nag, he look up at me, made eye contact and in slow motion went, "Ssllluuurrrppp!"

  ...My considerations were Tevye-like, reminiscent of the poor indecisive father from Fiddler on the Roof: One on hand, Ipecac will induce vomitting, which I dont want to deal with on this floor; On the other hand, bleach may do more internal damage than any germ or critter could ever do."

...I must admit that i wasnt able to conjure up the will to kiss him anywhere near the lips for a very, very long time. To this day, years later, an occasional unknown virus will crop up and I'll worry and wonder if there could still be any lingering effect from his little sip from the shower.

I want to share this book with a Mom like me out there I want to give one away this week!

To enter to win, you can do one or all of the following entry each!

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  1. I would love to win a copy of this book and read it too! I just love your blog; I learn so much!

  2. Oh my goodness, that "shower scene" is so funny! I love this book already.

    Now that I am on the spot, I can't think of any good stories to share, lol. I was awfully proud of myself tonight when I didn't say "Shut your mouth and eat your food" which is an oxymoron that makes me giggle every time I say it. Instead I told the kids "Don't open your mouth unless you are putting food into it" It was a simple and proud moment for me.

  3. Courtney- you find the best things to give away! :) I actually got to hear Jenn Doucette speak on this book a few years ago! It was wonderful & funny & so true of us mommmies. I do wish I could remember more! :)

  4. Oh, fun. That would be a great talk ..she sounds fun to be around :)

  5. Not sure if this qualifies, but it did make me laugh out loud.
    One evening last week we were in the car on our way to visit the boys' great grandparents (always a wonderful adventure for us). I hear Wesley say from the back seat, "Here Mommy, clean it!" I looked back to see that the finger he's pointing at me has just come from being in his nose. (let your imagination go from there.)Without hesitation, I reached back and cleaned his finger with a tissue and caught a mumbling from Riley who had been a side seat observer of the whole show. As he repeated himself, understanding hit me and I realized he was mumbling, with emphasis: "DISS-GUS-tin!" hee hee

  6. My boys and I finally watched Enchanted a few weeks ago. They are at that delicate age where it is delightfully fun to tease them about girls. My husband is merciless. During the movie there is a scene where the man has only seconds left to kiss the girl to break the spell. So I started chanting, "Kiss her! Kiss her!" Sure enough there were soon three little boys yelling at the screen with me, "Kiss her! Kiss her!" After the movie I let them know that I was going to tell Daddy about how all three of them were yelling "Kiss her!" :) They had played right into my little scheme. It was mean. It was fun.

  7. Not for weak stomachs!! Beware!

    I hesitate to tell this story because it so SO stomach turning but... I will go along with the theme of things :)
    We got a black lab puppy right around the same time my son had started to crawl. The day of "the incident" we had picked up our new puppy earlier that day and had been informed that she had just had her de-wormer from the vet. Until she became potty trained we decided to keep her in the bathroom unless we were playing with her or taking her out to go potty so we had no accidents. We had just put her back in the bathroom after playing with her and taking her out for a potty break. I was sitting on the couch talking to my mom while my son was crawling around me on the floor. He had crawled behind the couch but I could still hear him and knew he was safe. Little did I know he was NOT! I realized he had been back there for a while so I got up to check why he was having so much fun behind the couch. Somehow while we were playing with the new puppy she had sneaked behind the couch and gone to the bathroom. I was horrified to find my son found the present(full of worms from the de-worming medicine) and had started playing in it. Not only was it on him!! I screamed as if someone had died and immediately had to explain to my mom what happened before I scared her too bad. I got off the phone and wiped him down with clorox wipes to disinfect him. I'm not sure if that was the best idea but I needed something strong! I gave him a bath and then proceeded to make several (embarrassing) phone calls to the doctor to see if he would be ok. He was in fact going to live!! Whew! :) Now if he puts something gross in his mouth we just say... "Well it's not as bad as de-wormed dog poo!"

  8. gross. But, I am witness to the fact that the boy has not be slowed down by this ingestion of such disgustingness :)

  9. I hope I am not too late to enter, but if I am "oh, well" :)

    I was at the pediatrician with Andrew and he was sick, so I followed the rules and sat on the "sick" side. Yuck already.

    The areas are divided by a large fish tank that all of the little kids love to touch. My child did like every other child and rubbed his little hands all over. A little more yuck.

    Then he licked the fish tank. Seriously, kid?! YUCK!

  10. I'm a FB fan too :)

    By the way, the worm story beats it all.

    I. Would. Have. Died!!!

  11. I love to read -- been looking for some new material. Thanks for the suggestion!

  12. I'm a fan on facebook, but need to leave a story I guess too :) My story is more funny than gross :) When my oldest was around three, I was changing her brother, who was not quite one. Pointing at his lower anatomy, she asked "Mommy, what's that?" Proud of myself for remaining calm, I told her "That's his penis." A few minutes later, she asked "Where's mine?" Again, I tried to remain calm, and simply said "Boys have penises and girls have privates." To which she responded "Oh - so daddy and Uncle Jeremy, and Grandaddy are penises?" Oh boy!!! "No," I said - "They have penises." "Okay" she said. Then we went to church :) After the service as I was putting the kids in the car, the youth pastor was coming over to say hi. My dear daughter looks at me and says "Mommy Pastor Nick and Pastor are penises?" I thought I was going to DIE!!! Later on, I told the head pastor's wife about it.... she said if she had heard it, she would have responded "well honey, sometimes." Thankfully she now knows the difference :)

  13. that is hilarious Shannon! I love it!


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