About Me

About me...About me..well!

I am a mom of three Steedly Boys ..Ty (6), Canon (4) and Baby Joshua (born 5/10).  I am wife of a wonderful, wonderful man who loves me and the boys only slightly less than God Himself.  We have been married for 10 years as of May of this year (yay us!)

We truly strive to build our home around God's laws and with Him as the Head of all we do. We arent perfect at it, but our hearts are there :)
I am the daughter of ministering parents, who have served God's church for 30 plus years. I am a member of God's church, and love my church family :)

I am one of 6 kids ..4 girls and 2 boys. My mom and sisters are some of my bestest friends, and some of the women I respect the most in all the world.

My brother, CPL Dustin L. Kendall, gave his life in service to this country in January of 2006.  Because of that, I feel strongly about supporting our troops, and the families who have sacrificed for them to be where they are right now.

I have big dreams ...I want to be a GREAT boy mom, a wonderful meets-his-need kinna wife, an inspiring writer, a motivating speaker and I want to pass from this life with the light of heaven in my eyes.

I so want to inspire, motivate, encourage, bless and bring other moms and women like me closer to God by our interaction with each other!

I cant WAIT to see what God has planned for this Steedly family ..so far He has given us more than we can ask or imagine ..I am giddy to see what else He has got up His sleeve! :)

If you havent gotten enough of me ..you can hop on over to meet everyone at our family blog.
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