Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Stress List

I referenced my Stress List in the post about my Stress Less Journal last week. I wrote about it while ago, but like so many of the ideas I had a couple of years ago I have refined it a bit and can explain it in less words now :)

The Stress List is something that I use to purposefully identify the areas of stress in my own life. Because I noted that I had stress, I needed to identify where it was coming from. Writing it down helped me see what was up, and put a name to my 1000 little things that added up to a general overall feeling of being overwhelmed. It really works for me!

Even before that, though, I had to note what my stress felt like. I found that for me, stress was a tightness in my chest, a quesiness in my stomach, tight shoulders and a general sense of "yuck". I still do sometimes. I have learned the beginning of that feeling, and dont let it get to the point that I am totally overwhelmed very often..that is because I know what it feels like. I note it on purpose.

My Stress List is something that I make as a way to identify what is causing that feeling.  When I first started really focusing on what was causing my general feeling of stressed out, I did this on a very regular/daily basis.  Now that I am very familiar with what makes me feel that way, I dont have to inventory it quite as often. But, when I am feeling overwhelmed it is the first thing I do.

I put everything that is causing me stress ..from the dishes needing washed, to the budget needing caught up. I may be fretting over the relationship between two people I love, or that I am behind on my weekly Bible study. I may need to pay a bill, or make a grocery list.  I may be feeling overweight, or like the closet in the kids room is a mess.  I may be frustrated that their is mold in the shower, or that my husband and I havent gone on a date in a year.  I may be heart heavy that a friend is dying, or need to schedule a check up for my kids.

Whatever is weighing on me, I note it. No matter how small, or insignificant. No matter how huge or obvious. Sometimes I write it down, sometimes I dont.

Only when I can see what I am dealing with, can I attack it with gusto. Only then can I give it to God as the first step in getting rid of my stresses, one at a time.

I know God doesnt probably worry too much about my feeling fat, but he does love that I bring that feeling to him and ask him to rid me of it or give me the strength to do something about it.

 THEN, I can apply some Stress Strategies to the list!  We will look at some strategies that will help knock out those stresses a little bit a time ... get rid of it, get over it, get it done, get a new plan, get a new perspective, get control of it ..and then give it to God, again.

What is on your stress list today? No matter how small ....


  1. I've always done this, but more in the form of a 'to-do' list rather than a 'stress' list. I like this idea ... easier to write "I'm feeling fat today" than "you need to lose 50#'s today, you fat old lady" ~ smile.

    Today on my stress list:

    * trying to make my schedule work around the a/c repairman who was due for two days and didn't show up until 5 p.m. today {and being a little cranky because it was hot and stuffy in the house}


    * feeling frustrated that my dad is in critical care a 12-hr drive away but I can't talk to him or to my mom {neither are able to speak now} to see how they are 'really' doing.

    Thanks for listening! =0)

  2. Thanks so much for a great idea. I think I'll try it today or tomorrow and take it to the Lord first. Love your thoughts!

  3. I love your writing style and outlook. What an inspiration you are!!


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