Monday, July 19, 2010

What is Worthy?

I really would like to focus on worthy uses of our resources this week, and to look at some ways of coping with the stresses we carry with us so much! ...this post was orginally posted in July of 2009. It is edited for length
The idea that I have all that I need to live the life I feel called to, is both encouraging and a bit discouraging at the same time. It is encouraging because I know that God will provide what I need, and discouraging because I know he already has and I often still feel overspent.

Its all a matter of how we use our resources. Our resources are everything that has been given to us that we can use to accomplish his tasks in our lives. We have our time, energy (mental, physical, spiritual, etc.), homes, finances ..everything we can claim as ours in some way.

The Spirit, put in us to accomplish His will, requires our physical resources to accomplish His spiritual purposes for us.

"For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit" Romans 14:17
So, we have to make sure that we are using our resources effectively. Not only because those resources need to freed up to be used by the Spirit, but also because the use and misuse of those resources leads to varying degrees of stress in our lives.

Use of resources, because of their limited supply, causes a degree of stress. Misusing those resources causes greater stress, and even more so when our resources are promised to the Father and we dont fulfill our end of the bargain.

We need to determine what is worthy of our resources, and what is unworthy of our resources (and therefore the stress that goes with the use of those resources).

Worthy uses of our resources are things that work towards the Kingdom for us or someone else in some way. They also give a degree of resources back, as we gain benefit from doing God's work on a daily basis.

Unworthy uses of our resources, are things that do not benefit the Kingdom. They do not give us resources to continue doing God's work further, they take rather than give.

For example, laundry is something that uses our daily resources. It is part of our home that requires time, energy and effort. It is worthy, because it is part of the godly home I am creating for my family. It gives resources back, when my family has what they need to get dressed in the morning.

Comparisons, though, are not worthy. The act of mentally comparing myself to others takes mental and emotional energy. It pulls for those resources, and with no benefit to the Kingdom or to my walk with God.

We have to be on constant alert as to the worthiness of how we use our resources, and where we allow our stresses to lie. By questioning the worthiness of those things we fret over and give to, we can be more aware of those things that simply need to be let go, or gotten over.

Note where your resources are going ...hint: if you note where your stress is, you will have a good idea of where your resources are going. Is it worthy?

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