Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yay for Me Wednesday!

Okay, I am not an expert at this whole carnival thing (for those of you who do that sort of thing!) but whether you do that or just want to leave a comment ...

I want to "Yay for Me!" about the GOOD mom moments! I know I tend to dwell on the bad mom moments WAY more than than the good ones!

I mean, be honest many times do you do something that you are proud of, but really you are the only one who is impressed?! Well, we will "YAY!" with you ..soo...

I will start us off!

* I have already cuddled with my 3 year old this morning! Yay me!
* I remembered to do YAY ME WEDNESDAY! ...Yay Me!
* I woke up to a clean kitchen because I cleaned it last night ...YAY ME!
* I have kept my house semi-decluttered, which is a few steps above trashed, now for a whole week! ...Yay Me!
* I made 3 phone calls I was putting off last night ...Yay Me!
* I taught my three old his first chore ..feeding the pets...Yay Me!
* I have been doing my bible study and daily bible reading for a week solid! ..yay me!

Celebrate with me ..what are you proud of?!
If you want to participate in the carnival, please post about your "yay for me!" and link back to LPLS..if not then please leave a comment here!

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  1. I love "I remembered to do YAY ME WEDNESDAY! ...Yay Me!" LOL That made me laugh Courtney! =) I posted something above but I am not sure what I did.. so..

    *Today I took the trash out on time YAY ME!

    *And I signed up for LinkShare so I can post ads and get paid on my HEAM website YAY ME!

  2. ROFL! "semi-decluttered which is a few steps above trashed..." THAT totally fits my house. Love it!!!! Thanks for keepin' it real - helps me feel less stressed ;P

    Thanks for remembering to do this... now I need to think of my Yay Me's! Sure doesn't seem like a bunch, but there has to be SOMETHING I can "yay" about!


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