Monday, July 12, 2010

Learning Time ..Kids' Resources

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We cant forget that while we are learning ourselves to use our resources well, that we need to be teaching our children the same thing.

While the Steeds are enjoying the summer, we are ending up with lots of free time.   For our family full of little ones, that equals loss of routine, lack of purpose and more time than I would like to admit in front of cartoons!  We have had quite a few discipline issues that I directly relate to boredom, plain and simple.

A friend of mine has initiated "Learning Time" in her home, and we have latched on to the idea for the sake of everyone in our house. It has been a wonderful time to set aside on a daily ..or, every other daily, basis.  While Kim has used this time to learn letters, shapes and colors with her preschoolers; we are focusing on life skill,s as well. Either way, we are teaching our little ones that time is a valuable resource and that we should manage it well ..even when it seems to be in over-abundance at times!

This summer, we have worked on tying our shoes (5 year old) and fastening buttons (3 year old), properly doing chores, staying seated. some cutting skills (3 year old) and the stories of Elijah for Bible time.  It has been a worthy use of our resource of time.

Does this inspire ideas for Learning Time for your own little ones this summer?


  1. I actually need to do learning time right now:).

    But I had to just jump on here first b/c I love uplifting blogs like these. Reading about others who are trying to live purposefully for God is such an encouragement to me as I go through my day. It is always a great refresher.

    Thanks for the daily inspiration!

  2. Good for you for taking that sweet time with your children!


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