Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get a new PLAN!

As a planner, and a person who really appreciates a well ordered system. I find myself applying them any where and any time I can. I love to see a system work well for me, and even better when it can translate to other people...clearly :)

I have found that often, my Stress List is comprised of things that require some kind of system in order to get it under control, get it done or even to get rid of it!  It may be a system to keep my housework broken down into easy to get done assignments for myself, a plan for getting laundry done, a system to store my coupons or a way to manage my finances.  All of these things require a plan of some kind, a way to do it that I find helps me get my goals met.

The thing is, that since every system or plan requires our resources (time, energy, effort, finances, etc.) and since our resources are dynamic from day to day ...then, often we have to be willing to adjust the way we do things to meet what resources we have to give to that plan or system.

Meaning, you can have the best plan in the world ...if you dont have what it takes to fulfill that plan, then it aint so great!

Sometimes, we have plans that work great given one set of resources but it doesnt pan out when our resources shift. Perfect example:  when I had no children, I had a beautiful system for keeping my home decluttered, deep cleaned, picked up and ordered all the time or with little effort. NOW, that system is a laughable since I have three boys who make any effort at "decluttering" a joke! :)

Sometimes we let things stress us out because we insist that a plan works for us, and we keep doing things in a less-than-effective way. Accepting that a plan may not work any more, and developing a new one may be a great way to reduce some stress. Or, accepting that someone ELSE's plan may not work for us! How many times has this been a source of guilt and stress for me?! ...alot. The same plan doesnt work for everyone and even your best plan may not always work for you.

Amy, from Raising Arrows is a homeschooler of "many children", and has some great ideas along these lines which she shares on her blog. I loved her statement she made regarding a schooling system that she had raved about at one point:

"I wanted to say one thing here because I used to be one of those people who lamented the fact that I NEVER seemed to find something that worked well enough to stick with it for a hundred years. It is okay to change things. It is okay to admit something you raved about it doesn’t work anymore. It is okay to search for a solution that does work."

Its hard to give up on a great plan, but if it doesnt work then its creating stress and taking away your ability to use your resources effectively.

What things on your Stress List could use a system revamp? 

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  1. Keeping up with the checkbook/budget! I need to figure out what kind of groove I need to develope so I can update them regularly.


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