Saturday, July 24, 2010

Get it DONE!

Most of the things on my Stress List can be taken care of by simply taking care of business, just doing it, just getting it done.

There are things that we cant get rid of, or get better control of, or pray away (unfortunately) ..they just need to be completed. Grocery shopping, cleaning house, putting the clothes away, paying the bill, cleaning the toilet ..just do it already :)

I have found that often, I put more resources into putting it off and stressing over it than I would if I just use the resources (time, energy, effort) and take care of it.

How many things on your list of stresses are the result of you putting it off and off? If you keep a Stress List three days in a row and find that the same things keep showing up, them take care of that stuff if at all possible. Dont put it off anymore. No sense in putting mental and emotional resources into something that probably will take less resources just to get taken care of. 

Also, consider that sometimes just doing something about those areas that cause us stress, is in itself stress relieving. Instead of fretting over needing to do something, use that energy to make a step in the right direction and you may be surprised with how much energy you gain from even that little bit!

... not much more to say about that one. This must be some kind of record :)

"For the Kingdom of God is not matter of talk but of power." 2 Cor 4:20

What is on your stress list that needs doing?


  1. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing. Happy Saturday! :o)

  2. I actually sat down and made a "stress list" yesterday b/c I felt stressed, but couldn't really identify WHY. Writing the list out really helped get things off my chest and safely onto a piece of paper. And it helped me to realize that there were a couple of things (like budget, pay bills, and figure out mortgage statement) that I COULD just "get done" and get over. And so I did:).

    It's weird how helpful making a list is and then applying these strategies. It seems like common sense...and yet I didn't do it consistently before you shared all this:). Thanks!


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