Monday, July 26, 2010

Get CONTROL of it!

This Stress Strategy applies to alot of processes that cause me stress ...its about looking at areas of my life that are causing me stress and realizing that the reason that they are doing so is because they need better control.

Remember, stress happens when we are off balance with what we need to do and what we have to do it. If we have areas that requiring more than its fair share of resource, then we need to get it under control.

Some areas that need this strategy can applied are laundry, weight/health,  finances/spending, lack of routine, clutter in the car,  behavioral issues with the kids ...if you notice an area keeps coming up on your Stress List, it may need better CONTROL!

Getting things under control may require a new plan, a new perspective, a new system, advice from a trusted friend, a tip from a helpful source or simply being more purposeful towards that area. 

Getting control, as a strategy for relieving stress, often requires a combination of several Stress Strategies. It may require a combo of getting control AND getting it done. I may be helpful to combine getting control with getting a new plan.

I keep thinking that I should do away with this stress strategy, but really ..bringing an area into a place where it is more manageable is a valid strategy in my book! :)

Can you think of an area or two that could require the need to bring it under better control
in order to use your resources better?


  1. Oh heck yes! I have some things (like folding washing and putting it away) that stress me out, and you're so right...I use more resources being irritated with it than I would use if I just freaking DID it and got it out from under my feet :)

  2. LOL, everytime I make a To Do list it has Because I haven't gotten that far yet. And it is taking me I think all the not done stuff is somehow crippling my motivation, and today I'm going to be praying specifically that God will give me focus and motivation to get some of these things done so they are much easier and enjoyable to manage.

  3. Great tips! Getting things under control helps my stress level. Learning what has to be done and what can wait has really helped me.

    Popping over from SITS.

  4. Thank you so much for your timely post! I'm completely overwhelmed today. It's just what I needed to hear. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday! :o)

  5. Oh yes:).

    After a busy couple of days (like this past weekend), my house is inevitably a DISASTER. When it gets that "out of control," I have to set aside a morning (or a day) to right the ship. I call it a Home Recovery Day. This morning, for example, after breakfast and Learning Time, the kids and I spent two hours playing and cleaning the upstairs. I let them play while I cleaned everything but their rooms, and then we cleaned their rooms together. Next, I vacuumed the upstairs, and now they are getting to watch a little Toy Story, while I am eating a banana and catching up on blogs. It is amazing how a clean, vacuumed upstairs gives me such a feeling of calm. And it is also amazing how cleaning with my kids can be such great bonding (and learning!) time.

    In short, I feel like I have regained control of my crazy house this morning:).


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