Monday, December 29, 2008

Get RID of it!

I am ready to do this very thing...I cant wait to start getting rid of the over-clutter. And, let me tell you that there is plenty of it!

Stay tuned for some De-Stressing Challenges for the week..we are gonna have a great 2009 full of DEStressing!

May the last few days of 2008 be great, and that you anticipate 2009 to be SOOO fine! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Know Thyself

It is so true that we need to be aware of who we are, in order to effectively manage our stress. We do so much comparing with everyone around us, that we dont realize sometimes what we are thinking or feeling ourselves.

I started this quest for less stress, when I noticed the physical manifestation of my stress and didnt really know where it came from. Since then, I know better what my body does when it feels stressed. I know what it feels like in the beginnings of stress taking over my spirit. I have learned to see new things about myself all the time, so that I am able to adjust for my own needs.

It has made a huge difference in the tasks I take on, who I feel good saying "no" to, those I must say "no" to, when to take a break, and when I need to get to work. I have learned what circumstances make me feel overwhelmed or inadequate.

I have learned, from these observations, to manipulate my world into a place where I find less stress.

What does it mean?

Knowing yourself means that you are able to identify what is causing the stress, and what may be other underlying factors.

It also means that you push away unrealistic expectations of yourself, because you know your limits.

It means you ask for help when you need it.

It means you can identify when you are leaning towards being overwhelmed, or identify situtations before they happen which would be that way.

It means that you are aware of what your "order" looks like, so that when you get there you know it. And, when others cause you to question whether or not its order enough for you (I have dust, and it doesnt bother ..but it drives her crazy! should I be more stressed?!) .

It means that you know when to hold up the stop sign and call for a time out. And, you know what to do during your time out. Do you need to drink, eat, read, pray, order or plan? You know, if you know yourself.

It means that you know WHO causes you stress, and who helps you relieve it.

It means you know what peace, calm and stress feels like to you.

It means that all these things are what they are for YOU.

Not the girlfriend who is TOO stressed.

Not the one who never seems to be stressed.

Not the one who questions your lack of participation in outside activities.

Not the one who throws a fit because you couldnt take on that project.

Not the one criticizes the dust.

Not the one who tells you to relax.

Not the one who whines about your not having time for her.

Not the one who feels intimidated because your house is always straight.

Your stress, is yours. Your calm, is yours. Your peace, is yours.

Know who you are, so that you can plan appropriately. It will take some stress off :)
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