Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Steedly House: Dining Room/Kitchen

I really love my kitchen ..its one of my favorite parts of my house.

But first...from the entryway, we head into the dining room:

This is in the dining room facing back towards the entry way (see the stairs through there?) ...and the flowers are sitting on the table that is in the other pictures.  See that large piece of furniture in the shot above ....that one is my most recent ingenious idea when I brought it downstairs out of an upstairs bedroom to make room for baby. I set the there until I could make room in the garage for it. I loved it there!  I had been looking for something to put in that space because our dining room is really made for a bigger table.  It now houses all our school supplies, my Stress Less Journal, my husbands pocket contents (he has his own drawer), my coupons, extra paper for the printer, and some other stuff.

I had a great idea to update it a bit by changing all the knobs..until I took them all off, THEN went to the store to price them. After determining that it would cost $35 to replace the KNOBS ..I put the old ones back on. I will chose not to stress about THAT! :)

The curtain covers the double glass door that leads to our deck and perfect-for-boys backyard. It is a MESS, so you will have to wait to see that. Incidentally, what you also dont see is that I had to shift the mess from the table to the buffet so I could get a decent shot of my dining room :)

That table will be getting alot of use this fall..I cant wait! 

Then, looking from my dining room into my kitchen...

 You can see the start of my awesome bay window in the top one, and all of it and the island  that has hosted many a cookie or pizza making party in this one... also, you can see my calendar and my paper clutter solution!
Swinging past the window, pantry and fridge (which you can see in the shot from the dining room) ...
See my green crockpot? I got a story for another post about that! And, so you see the cookie jar next to the stove? ... My husbands love language is cookies :)
Here is the rest of that counter space ...

The floor is a wide open space because we have the island against the window right now. Its been great to have a big space for the kiddos to play on the floor while I cook dinner or bake cookies! They are gonna be underfoot anyways, might as well give them some space to do it! :)

So..that is my kitchen and dining room!

Oh..and one more thing. ..I just hung another one of my Uppercase Living expressions in the Laundry Room ...

It says, "I'm thankful for piles of laundry means my loved ones are nearby", LOVE it!

Thanks to the 4 Moms for hosting this Open House Tour week, the Living Room!


  1. Beautiful home, I love how you have decorated it! I came over from Raising Olives. Check out my blog @
    God bless!

  2. How beautiful! You've done a great job!

  3. Love the laundry quote. Your house tour is making me miss you! I want to steal a cookie, sit at the table and chat while our boys are playing outside.

  4. Aw Dana made me tear up...I could use a good cookie chat right about now! :) Love and miss you!

  5. Beautiful decorating!

    Thanks for participating, but we do need a link back to one of the Four Moms Open House post. Thanks!

  6. I love the laundry quote.

  7. Oops ...I got so excited I forgot the link! :) Its up there now, and everyone join the 4 Moms blog hop!

  8. Beautiful pictures. Neat idea on how to use pieces of furniture in other rooms. And I love the quote about the laundry. I will definitely have to keep that in mind when I'm doing ours. ;)

  9. Courtney...I feel less stressed while touring your well organized, and functional spacing. :)
    I also love your kitchen. Really love it!
    Very good idea to the dresser in the dining room...I too have thought about using something similar beside my dining room table, but can't come up with a great solution yet. As for knobs... I am in the same "THAT's RIDICULOUS" boat about the cost of replacing the old ones for the dresser Ben re-did. But I'm doing an online search anyway. Thanks for the tour!! :)

  10. You have such a BEAUTIFUL home! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. I have to say, I *love* the idea of giving my husband a drawer to unload his stuff in when he gets home. That's been a huge stressor for me, so thanks for the tip!!


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