Monday, August 2, 2010

The Perfect Day

I am a ponderer ..which you may have picked on if you have spent any time with me or read anything I have ever written :)  I like to consider things while I am going about my day and doing things that dont require my brain to be fully engaged.

Lately, I have been considering what my perfect day would look like ..not a single, "perfect" day (like a walk on the beach, dinner at sunset, blah blah) but rathe a day that I wouldnt mind repeating over and over again. What would a day look like that I would want to be the template for every other day of my wonderfully chaotic life?

Here is where I am right now ...

* Get up around 0530 ..I love early mornings before the kids get up.
* Start the coffee pot, then do a 20 minute strength training workout (yoga or weights)
* Drink my coffee while doing my bible reading, and a days worth of bible study
* Pray and prioritize the day
* If time allows, do some writing on the blog or on my book

Kids should be up by then ....

* Eat a healthy breakfast with the kids
* Clean up the kitchen from breakfast
* Give the kids a quiet activity (and them cooperate) ..while I take a shower, get ready
* Learning/School time ..started off by memorizing scripture and a bible story
* Kids playtime with eachother and on their own while I do chores
* Lunch time ..a healthy lunch for all of us
* Quiet time for the kids, email/blog/chore catch up for mommy
* Playtime with the kids when everyone is awake and done being quiet :)

Then the crazy time ...

* Dinner ..healthy, at the table and while talking about good stuff
* Evening playtime and cleanup routines
* Kids to bed without me yelling, having their room and the playroom picked up
* Mommy's evening routine ..pickup the house and get school stuff ready for the next day
* Write blog posts for the next day
* Spend a few minutes each evening catching up Project Life, the Budget, etc.

Bed at a decent time, but awake for when our daddy comes home after midnight (he is working evenign shift right now)

In there I need time to spend with hubby, time to do deep cleaning, time to plan meals, grocery shop ..yadda, yadda ..

Thing is, my perfect day cant really be repeated indefinitely because our days and responsibilities are dynamic and fluid. I can have a general idea, though cant be too committed to it because then I wont be flexible enough to enjoy the sweet unplanned moments :)

Our "perfect day" scenarios give us a goal to work toward, and give us a clue into what is stress relieving for us, though. It helps us see what kind of schedule will give us the most calm least it does me.

Clearly, I desire routine and being at HOME ..that says alot about the goals I should have, the priorities I should make for our home and family.

What does your perfect day look like? 
What does it say about what you would find the most StressLess for you?

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  1. Your perfect sounds kinda like mine......and like your perfect day, I would stay home all day. The challenge for me is keeping a perfect attitude on those not so perfect days. Well, not a perfect attitude, but a pleasing to the Lord attitude and behavior on the regular days.


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