Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Steedly House: Bedrooms

This week for the 4 Moms Open House tour, we are in the bedrooms!  ..I will confess that these pics are from a post I put on our family blog aobut 6 months ago, after I had finished all the painting and while things were still dust free and somewhat ordered :) ...right this minute, not so much.

First, the boys room ..these are more snapshots of the decorations we have in there. They boys are in bunk beds and, other than the dresser the rest is just open space for them to play. Their boys are in bins under their bed, when they are not scattered all over the floor! :)

Above our little monkeys beds ...

We havent added Joshua's name yet, but we will when it is time for him to move in with his brothers.

Then, the master bedroom ..again, more just snapshots of the room. ...

We have a vanity that opens into our bedroom, which I love...almost as much as I love how I have my OWN sink :)

We have a guest room as well, which is doubling as Joshua's room while he is between mommy's room and brothers' room. Hopefully, we wont traumatize him by not giving him his own nursery ..I dont plan on telling him :)  ..that picture though is not gonna happen, as I dont want the mess that in there on any type of recording device that can be referred to in the future :)  I think that the 4 moms are doing a second part for bedrooms next week, so maybe I will feel motivated to do that :)

So ...that is the Steedly House so far..feel free to go back and visit the entryway, dining room/kitchen, living room and schoolroom. And thanks to the 4 Moms for hosting the open house! :)


  1. Wow! Those rooms look great! I bet your boys love their room... & I would love a vanity that opens into our bedroom too. :)

  2. Oh, I love the monkeys! So darling.
    I also LOVE the colors in your bedroom. Perfect!

  3. I love the blue color in my bedroom! is actually the same as in the boys room, but it looks so totally different when put with primary colors and browns! thanks so much for the comments! :)

  4. Those rooms are so I want to see more pictures. I love the monkeys and the primary colors. The blue in your bedroom looks so serene.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love looking at people's homes. I love the boys names on the wall and your color schemes :) Thank you for sharing!


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