Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Steedly School Room

Well, the 4 Moms are doing a home tour..and while they are at their entry way..I am being rebellious and showing you my school room! :)

With our school year starting in 10 days, I have been working on getting our school room together these past few weeks! I have been having a blast putting all the books in their places, storing school supplies, choosing our posters and making plans for our learning to begin!

I have loved every minute of it, and while we are getting closer to my ideal, I am sure there will still be some rearranging left to do before August 16th!

We have all our K12 books lined up and ready to go ...we are doing Phonics, Language Arts, Math, History, Science, Art and Music. I am little nervous at the amount of work we have, but looking at the lessons they arent too in depth all at once and we should be able to ease into it pretty well, since a good portion of it is review for Ty at first.

We will also be doing bible, scripture memorization and character quality education. We will be linking qualities of SUPER Bible Heroes of the bible to character qualities that these little daddies and men in training need to know. 

I am really excited to get to watch them learn all this stuff! Ty is especially excited about learning about space. He is pretty proud that he can name most of the planets, and is even getting good at telling you where they are on the solar system poster we have up. He is a smartie :)

Our preschooler, Canon will also be working with us when he is willing and able. He loves worksheets and such things. And, he is our little artist. The art program is going to let us work with lots of different media and doing our own version of alot of different styles of art. He will love that, probably more than Ty. I cant wait!

I am trying to heed some of my mothers words ...the ones she shares on her own blog here (you should especially appreciate the awesome pics on that post ;). To remember that teaching them all the most important lessons isnt about where the school supplies fit, or which school books they use. Its easy to get caught up in all of it ...because I LOVE the education store! :)

As you may, or may not know, I am a second-generation homeschooled kid and I am excited to head back into the schooling experience I know and love. My sisters have been schooling their own children for several years now, and its been fun to both watch and learn from them.

I know that teaching my kids at home is a lifestyle ..because they are going to be with me every minute of the day, and because our every day life will have to include while still compartmentalizing school AND home.  Because of that, I have been working on a plan to keep my stress level down as we head into this big shift in our Steedly life.

Some ways I have been doing that ... really clear out my schedule (I have given up alot of church and social responsibilities and with it the necessity to be so many places), prepare our home for the new tasks it will perform, work on better sleeping and eating habits, and working on managing some of my home tasks a bit better.

I am not sure how I am going to manage my home and my school ...we shall see! :)

I am looking forward to both the hard work and the challenge of it (that is my personality). I know alot of that is because I know that all of the work and sacrifice is worth it (this is guest post I wrote for Smockity Frocks)!

So...have you been organizing and getting things ready for the chaos of the upcoming fall? 
or have you used the summer to recover some area of your home?


  1. Thanks for joining our Open House! (I need some of those bins!)

  2. Yay, another awesome homeschooling mommy that I can watch and learn from :) My own experience being homeschooled was ... less than the best, let's say :) I thought I would NEVER, EVER, EVER homeschool my own kids, but families like your's have shown me what a positive and GOOD experience it can be, and now I'm excited for all the possibilities we'll have with our kids as we will probably homeschool them :)

  3. Connie ..all of the bins in those pics are from Target. The bin holder is $49 at Target, I love it as it is really sturdy and the bins are great colors for our school room. The red bins with the books are $2.50 at Target. They are actually folder sized, which I may use for that later.

    Miriam will do great! Homeschooling be as bad as it is good in the wrong hands, but I am sure you will do a great job with your little gal! :)

  4. I've been thinking a lot about homeschooling recently. My oldest (of 3) is 4, so I'm going to start out with preschool this year and see how I do. If I do okay, I might stick with it. I'm pretty nervous about taking on a task as big as my children's education!


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