Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hearing the Word

My boys and I are are fully engrossed in all manners of educational enlightenment this week!

We are learning about the five senses, and how use all those senses to observe and experience the world around us (and, of course ..we are giving God all the credit for giving us such great tools, and for creating such a great world for us!). We are learning the value of experiencing certain things using several of our senses at one time. I have really enjoyed watching Ty learn this, and put it all together. 

This morning, he used a magnifying glass to "observe" a spider crawling across the floor. He was so excited. So was I. :)

Talking about our senses, I have been aware of how important it is that we experience God through all those important it us for me, my children and everyone to experience God's truths and promises in every way we can think to do it.

We are using our eyes to read His word, and ponder his promises. We are using our hands, to serve each other and experience our world through touch. We are tasting him, by making cookies for our daddy and reminding our children that God gave us good things eat, and otherwise.  We are smelling him by...well, cookies are pretty heavenly..right? 

And, of course we are hearing Him through surrounding ourselves with His words through scripture and memory verses! We have been using our Seeds Family Worship cd to bring God's promises into our hearts and minds this week. I especially, because I have had some moments of panic and stress this week (what have I gotten myself into?!) and have needed some refocusing at times.

To encourage YOUR family to bring God into your heart through your senses (especially your sense of hearing), then make sure hop on over the this POST, and enter to win a Seeds Family Worship cd, or get a coupon code to purchase one your own (you like that transition ..smooth, huh? :) 


  1. hey, love this stuff!! i am addicted to the song on your steedly blog and cannon and i are singing it non-stop. what a great way to memorize scripture as a family.

    anyway, everytime i put the coupon code in i am getting an error message. i tried it on two different computers. can you help?

  2. I got the same one ..thanks for letting me know Kimberly! I wrote my contact there to look into it! I may not hear from her until Monday but she is great to get right back to me ..thanks for letting me know it isnt working :) ..I will facebook you when we get it worked out :)


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