Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yay for Me Wednesday!

It is YFMW again! Yay!

As always, Yay For Me Wednesday is about sharing those mom moments worth celebrating!

Have you had any moments that you are proud of this week? Are you excited that you chose the right priority or that you made some advances in ordering your home?

What have you done that you are proud of? I want to know does everyone else! :)

I will get us started for the week ....

* I am still working on ordering my school room ..5 days and counting!
*I have been faithfully pumping so there is enough for my little guy when I go to work a 12 hours shift in the ICU this weekend..yay for me!
*I am (more less) caught up with my budget! ...yay for me!
*I have kept my car clean for a month now! ..yay for me!
*I scoured my bathroom yesterday for the first time in who knows how long ...yay for me!
* I have a freezer full of meat, and a pantry full of food because I shopped when I didnt want to, but did anyways ...yay for me!
*I have eaten all three meals for the last week I gotta work on eating the right thing..yay for me!

What do you want to celebrate? Have you written a post anytime recently about 
something you are proud of? Do share!


  1. Yay for you! Those are all awesome things, too!

  2. When my 9yo ds mimicked something I said last night, I actually remembered to bust out my "Proverbs for Parenting" book and point him to 3 verses about honoring your mother rather than just telling him to "watch his attitude"...yay for me! And Thank You, Holy Spirit! :)


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