Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy Time Out

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We all have our days when things just get to us easier than others. We all get to that point when we feel like one more thing will send us over the edge.  We all have those moments when we react to our kids or husband out of exhaustion, hormones, frustration or being overwhelmed.

We all do.

And, we all need a time out from time to time.  I have needed quite a few of those lately!  My little fella is 12 weeks old, and I can tell you I feel those good 'ol post baby hormones a ragin'!

I have been a mom for 5 and half years now, and I am just now learning how important it is for my kids to have times that we need to turn the tv off, decrease the stimulation, go to a quiet place and rest. When they start getting out of control,  getting defiant, bickering with their brother ..its it time for a TIME OUT. Not necessarily the discipline kind (nose in the corner) but just a time when the noise needs to STOP!

I have noticed lately, that there are times when I feel out of control, defiant and like bickering with my brother (or husband, or kids)!

I especially feel that way when I am on the computer longer than is healthy for me or my kids, have the tv on more than should be (for me or the kids, or both),  on the phone too much, havent eaten in awhile, am dehydrated or starting to feel generally YUCK!

I need to take my own time out.

If my kids get over-stimulated by all that input then so do I. I need to act accordingly.

Sometimes those feelings of overwhelming stress, is just a matter of needing a break from the stimulation around us. Make sure to take a time out when you need one!

Needs some TO ideas? ...

*Turn off the computer
*Turn off the tv
*Get off the phone, and then put it on vibrate
* Shut the bathroom door
*Set a "quiet" timer talking or noise for 10 minutes
*Read a Psalm
*Drink some water, dehydration will make you feel awful!
* Eat some protein ..nuts, peanut butter, milk, yogurt
*Say a quick prayer

Most importantly ...breath.

What time out ideas do you have? What do you when you feel you are gonna lose it?! 


  1. You are SO right. I've been trying to turn off the screens (I say this as my kids watch Diego and I'm online...), and I've found that they are much more cooperative kids when they haven't been watching as much tv. I've been working hard these past few months to make God a part of our daily lives, and your blog really inspires me!

  2. Thanks so much Christine ..your being here inspires me! Thanks so much for the comment! :)..I just had to turn off Backyardigans because my kids were at each others throats. They are in a silence only timeout right now ...quiet is nice :)

  3. I need a TO. Not sure what, exactly, I think an early bed-time would probably help :P I am so on the verge of overwhelm-meltdown, I've got to get myself and the stuff around me pulled together before it happens. I don't think I've recovered from all the goings on last week and this week, and I just want to crawl in a hole and not come out for a while. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for my and Susannah's clothes, the laundry schedule is all messed up b/c of being gone so much, and I feel like everything's a disaster waiting to happen! And I just want to SLEEP!


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