Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Keeping it Real

I am easily motivated, I have decided.

I realized that I get inspired by the smallest things, and that I just assume everyone else is that way! :) If someone posts something on facebook about eating five meals a day to boost their metabolism, I am IN! If a friend talks about a new idea or concept that has helped them be organized or more peaceful ..I want the details, and I am ready to go! I love inspiring books, blogs and sayings on stuff! :)

Learning this of myself the past couple of weeks, I have determined that that is the reason that I love blogging. I love to put out those ideas for things that help me in one way or another, in hopes of inspiring those who may read it to greatness :) ...not greatness like ME, but their own greatness that is just waiting to be encouraged to action.

I know, because I do this, that so often the same people who inspire us also intimidate us or make us feel like they must have it SO much more together than we do. I know I feel this way about some of you girls' whose blogs I read and think "I want do be like that!"  ...of course we do, you are awesome!

I giggle to myself when I get sweet notes and comments that elude to this about myself ...because if you girls could come hang out with me ...well, lets just say you would see me for what I am, just a mom working to make this all work and hopefully doing it in a way that brings glory to God...just like you.

Just to prove it, I took a quick walk around my downstairs ... :)

This is my kitchen ..sink full of dishes, lunch stuff still out on the counter ...

 That is an open cabinet, jar of peanut butter, an uncovered cake from daddy's birthday this past weekend, and I shudder at the idea of who those grates on my stove look ..I hate cleaning my stove:)
 This is a peek inside my laundry room ...where a load that has been clean for about three days sits to be folded. There isnt any dirty laundry in there right now, but only because I havent brought the mountain down from the heavens (aka, upstairs) yet :)

 And, this is a back up view from the computer where I sit right now ..that is my afternoon cup of coffee and some dark chocolate because I am soo tired (baby up every two hours last night, cutting teeth..blech), some stuff left over from school today and a back door that needs cleaned.

So, I say this for my benefit as much as anyones ...remember to let great stuff inspire greatness, not guilt..let us strive for excellence in Christ, not to be like someone who we think is excellent.  Remember that God is the only True Measure, and that everything else is just supplement to our "everything we need."

I am so glad I have you all to encourage me on my way ...your being here is inspiring to ME thank you :)

{I dedicate this post to my friend Molly, who reminds me to keep it real and that there is comfort in all of us being normal and not having it together}


  1. Thank you! I am a very organized and neat person, but I have these days, too! Days where I just can't pull it together and man, oh, man.....does it cause guilt!

  2. I can relate ...I struggle constantly with letting things go, and focusing on the right things! Satan really uses guilt to hang me up, but I am working on it! :) ..thanks for visiting :)

  3. I so appreciate your words!! It is so easy to look at others' lives & think they have it all together! I too giggle when I realize others think that about me! :)
    You are a blessing!

  4. LOL, I could show you pictures of the current state of my house and it would make you feel at ease! Seriously, how is it that the place can be semi-clean BEFORE I start to get ready for vacation and by the time we leave it's a major disaster? I did make a point to wash (most of the) dirty dishes... a few that weren't going to stink till we got home didn't make it into the sink - like the bread pans and cookie sheets. Hopefully by the end of this week I can have everything back to rights again. Thanks for keeping it real! It helps us all feel better knowing that the person on the other side of the blog is human, too :)

  5. I love this keeping it real post. I should do that too! Thankfully, although I could take those kinds of pictures on any given day, my house is usually only 20-30 minutes away from looking pretty good....except for that laundry that just multiplies by the minute! :)

    Have a great day!


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