Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tips On Tuesday: Mommy Alone Time

I really love to read.  I love to read fiction, non-fiction, historical, inspirational, scripture ..I love it.

I have learned that it has some serious de-stressing qualities for me. I really enjoy either being entertained, encouraged, challenged or inspired through words on a page.

On my bedside table I have several books ...

Most importantly, my One Year Bible ..which I will confess I havent read every day this year, but have read more than any year before and have really enjoyed it.

For our Sunday morning class, Crazy Love by Frances Chan. And, for Wednesday night class, a bible study on Elijah by Casandra Martin.

For challenge and direction, I am reading Dare to Discipline AND The Strong Willed Child by James Dobson (it was a bad day :).

For entertainment, I am in my last 100 pages of the 600-page John Adams, by David McCullough (call me a nerd, its true).

I love to read ..its what I do in my quiet times when the house is calm, the baby asleep and when I allow it of myself.

One way I have benefited from the newly instituted Alone Time in the Steed house, is that I have given myself permission to take a moment or two and indulge this de-stressing tool of mine. This week, we have started making one of our daily Alone Times a "Reading Alone Time". The kids each get a stack of books, head to separate corners of the house and have to sit quietly and read/look at books for 30 or so minutes.

Even though there are a million other things to do, I am giving myself permission to sit and check my brain into a book of some kind. Its nice.

Permission is sometimes the hardest part! I always have a million things that need doing, things for my home, for school, for the budget, for church, for the menu, for the coupons ...always.

I have learned, of myself, that I need to let myself just rest sometimes. Its an okay thing to do.

You have my permission ....you can close your eyes, read a book, check on Facebook, read some blogs, run on the treadmill, (finally) take a shower ...do something for yourself despite having so many other things to do for others.

Alone time for my kids = Alone time for Mommy ...it works for me! :)

What do you need permission to do doing Alone Time? ..you got it! 


  1. How true that we mommies need alone time too!! I really like to read too!! I read through Crazy Love a little over a year ago too, & it was such a great book!! How are you liking the parenting books? I'm always on the look out for a good read!

  2. I am just in the introduction for both of them ..mom says she read Strong Willed Child about 100 times when I was a toddler! ha! :) I found some excerpts on the Focus on the Family website for both of them and remembered mom had encouraged me to read them. I am excited to learn some great tips!

  3. Love this idea! I think I might start today! I love reading and have been wanting to get Crazy Love. There are also days I'm reading double Dobson books. Yes, 3 kids will do that, won't it. :) Have you read anything by Kevin Leman? He has been life changing for us as far as dealing with discipline and our kids. Very similar to Dobson but his books are written with tons of humor which was exactly what I needed to help me cope.


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