Monday, September 6, 2010

a prayer for Gavin and Chelsea is true that I started looking into this family in order to qualify for a free blog makeover ..but as it happens so often, I found a family to add to my prayer list!

Gavin, Chelsea and their mama all struggle with a chronic disorder called, mastocytosis.  It is a chronic, and life threatening condition. It causes pain to most body systems, aside from long term damage of those systems.

In order to pay for the meds that are necessary for the treatment of the symptoms of this condition, MastoMama does blog design. Reading over their story, I am reminded again how blessed my sweet family is to be free of such long-term struggles, and to be able to bring people like them to God's throne.

Blog design giveaway aside, I wanted to pass along their cause for prayer. The boys and I will be adding Gavin and Chelsea to our prayer books (I cant WAIT to tell you about this great idea for teaching our little ones to pray!), asking God to protect and heal their bodies, as well as soothe their spirit and comfort their hearts in the face of such struggles.

Please pray for Chelsae, Gavin and their MastoMama (link to their family blog)!  

We are praying for you and your sweet babies Carla!

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