Monday, September 6, 2010

Responsiblitiy, Part 2

I am still pondering this idea of being responsible are my initial thoughts on the subject.

I have been thinking alot about the areas I am feel like I am mismanaging my resources.

{Remember ..stress happens when our resources and what requires our resources are off balance ..if we know and trust that we already have "everything we need" 2 Peter 1:3, then I have believe that if I dont feel God's peace then I am mismanaging what I have been given}

I am still thinking about how it is my responsibility to mange those areas, and how its up to me to make sure the areas that I feel stressed have the correct resources, and the correct amount of resources going to them.

I am thinking about my body as a resource. My body is a very important part of what resources are available to me, as well as how I use them. My energy level, what I need to get all the things done that need doing, is largely dependent on my physical state.
{Remember, God uses our physical resources to accomplish His spiritual purpose for us!}

What we eat and drink, what medications we take (or not), what rest we get, how and when we exercise ..these are all areas that we are wholly responsible.

If we feel stressed because we are malnourished, dehydrated, overtired, or overweight ..its is our own responsibility to fix it.

How about our finances? Clearly, our money is a resource that God uses to accomplish His will for us in our lives. It is an area that requires management, control, proper use and care of those resources. It is also an MAJOR area of stress ..when our resources are out of balance with what is needed of those resources.

Because we have been given those resources (just like we have our bodies) ..then we are responsible to make sure they are managed well.  We need to get a plan that works for our resources and family. We have to figure out how to balance those resources ..its our own responsibility.  ..isnt that what the Parable of the Talents is about?  ..its about taking what resources you have been given, and using them the best way you know how.

{God has already given us everything we need in any given area to accomplish His will for us in that area ...He wont ask something of you that He hasnt equipped you for is your responsibility to use what He has given you as it was intended!}

And, finally, think about your time.  We all have the same amount, but it is still a resource that God will use for His benefit. How are you using yours? What are doing with the time that God has given you?

Are you giving away time that is intended for doing things that will work towards God's kingdom  to things that do not? Are you over extending yourself, even doing good things, that dont allow you to focus on the tasks you know God wants you to be fully vested in? 

Only you are responsible for how those minutes are used, only you can say no, only you can plan or manage that time. No one else is responsible for how you use your time.


We have been given resources, intended to give us "life and godliness" (2 peter 1:3) prevent us from "being ineffective and unproductive" (vs.8) is our job and responsibility to use them well, to be effective and productive for our God, who supplies  "every good and perfect gift!" (James 1:17)

As always, I am speaking to myself here ...these areas I mentioned are areas I have recognized I need to take responsibility for, and to figure out how to use my resources better. We will look at how we can do that this week! I hope you join me!  ...your being here is encouraging to me!

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