Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tips On Tuesday: Alone Time

Okay ...I realized that for some reason I always feel the need to post a tip of some kind on Tuesday, so I am just gonna NAME it for my own benefit! :)

Some tips I have posted ...carrying cash, displaying children's art, decreasing paper clutter, the Launch Pad the Stair Bucket, and of course the CAR BUCKET! ..and most of them I posted on a Tuesday. Huh.

I must be feeling a little TIPSEY on Tuesdays! Ha!!

ANYWAYS ...today I wanted to share a great tip that I learned from one of my favorite blogs. I found her via Seeds of Faith ifellowship (every Wednesday). Since then, she has inspired me to be more intent on bringing God into my home, and more part of my children's days on a regular basis. Jessica, at Our Family for His Glory has some great and practical ideas, one of which is a simple thing that has done wonders in our home!

Alone time.

Yep, its a brilliant idea. I know.

Thing is, is that we do "quiet time" in the afternoons where by little ones are down for a nap. My oldest has to do something quiet, that does not require mommy. This is the time when I get any blogging, laundry, prep for dinner, etc. done.

But, for some reason I always kept that for the afternoon during a "nap" time.

Reading about how Jessica uses "alone time" has helped me to realize that kids need a break in the day, just like I wish for on a regular basis! :) Especially, now that school has started and our days are full of stimulation of every shape and sort, we need some rest time away from all of it!

For us, Alone Time means they find a place where they are in the room by themselves, they are to stay in one place for the duration of AT (usually 15 minutes), they should be quiet enough to not interrupt another's AT, and they have to be independent ..no mommy needed.  They can play with toys, read books, color or draw. They can not play on the computer or watch cartoons.

To read about how Jessica uses Alone Time ..go here.

Some things that I took from her was that ...

*Its okay for babies to be alone, when they are happy, their needs are met, and they are safe. Genius! I usually head up for Joshua as soon as I hear his little voice over the monitor, usually happy and not fussy but just awake. Lately, I have been letting him enjoy that quiet, alone time. He usually will sit up there and coo and talk to himself for about 10-15 minutes before he is like "...hellooo...does anyone remember me? ..and why am I HUNGRY?!" ..I am realizing that is a great thing to teach little ones!

* Children may actually like alone, not "in trouble" or "banished to their room for an hour" time. And, they do! Ty, my 5 year old asked for Alone Time this week! done.

* Alone time doesnt have to be in their bedroom, it can be anywhere in the house (hallways, kitchen floor, at the table, mommy's bed, the living room couch)

We have learned that Alone Time is great when we are all starting to drive each other nuts (or, maybe its just me), when we have had a busy day/hour, or when things are going great and I can reward the kids with a period of time when they are not being asked to do anything or getting in trouble for something :)

We have used Alone Time quite a bit lately, and it really is a nice little restart to a frustrating day, a nice calm moment in the middle of busy but great days, and something SO simple that has helped bring Less Stress to the Steedly house! :)

It has Worked For Us! ...do you have a tip you want to share?  Share a link and I will check it out! ..thanks all! :)


  1. Oh Courtney, I am so glad that Alone Time has worked in your home as well- I know what a blessing it is here!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh, I think this is wonderful!! I'm not sure when I realized that it was ok for me to not rush in to nurse Susannah the moment I heard her wake up, esp. if she wakes up happy (which is most of the time). Esp. if it's not really "time" for her to get up yet, if she's not fussing, I leave her alone until it is her get-up time. Sometimes it's 30 minutes, and she's just happy and content the whole time. Other times she does get fussy and I do go in then. But I'm hoping that it is training her that (a) "x" is when it's time to get up, not before, and (b) don't get up until Mama or Daddy says you can get up (so we don't have early bird kids!).

  3. Courtney,
    I need to read your whole blog! I have been completely overtaken by stress the last week or so. I need an alone DAY! Ha!
    I think that AT will be a blessing in our home. Since my 4.5 yo is not napping everyday, I am not getting that afternoon break that you talked about having...plus every afternoon we have to run around to xc practice or errands, or whatever. I am like a hamster in that little wheel over here!

    I have not had time to read blogs in a couple of weeks, but if I have time this weekend, i plan to read and learn from yours!


  4. What a great post! I love it when my children can play alone quietly. I think it really helps them with their imagination, independence and also to just get some needed mental rest from the rest of the family.


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