Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Different Perspective

I am facinated by how much of a role that perspective plays in both our stress and our peace. 

I have written about changes in perspective for the sake of our stress, in terms of how we can relieve it by changing our perspective. But perspective has again been on the forefront of my mind as I have been reading Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.  It is a great book for getting some perspective on God, and how our perspective of Him can be changed for the good of our relationship with Him.

Chan encourages you to go to here to view a video ...I would encourage you to do the same. My boys and I have watched it about 100 times, and I for one get a new perspective on how small I am, and just a taste of how much of a vapor we are!

I have used that mental picture of myself moving away from my stresses, and further away, and then further again. I see how, in light of the world around us ...these are small things indeed!  Putting small things that tend to pile up and create a general feeling of being overwhelmed or harried, into a perspective that brings them down to size, really helps me in those tense moments.

Yes, the floor not being mopped is stressful to me right now ..but pulling away and seeing my home as a whole, my family in a snapshot, my time with them on a time line and my life as a complete picture ...mopping really isnt worthy of such stress and worry.

Either is 60% of what we stress over!  ..there are plenty of things that are worth it, but most of the things that add up to a pile of anxiety, not so much!

"You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand. My entire life is just a moment to you, at best each of us is just a breath." Pslams 39:5

And yet, God allows us His attention and love ..I dont understand it. But, I know that in light of the much bigger picture we need to be able to see the distractions for what they are. We need to let the things go that just take our eyes off of the eternal, and waste our energy that is meant for Him. 

Do you need to get a little perspective?  ...dont forget to ask for it. 
Have a blessed day ..and welcome to my ifellowship friends!


  1. Thanks, Courtney! Those were GREAT thoughts!

  2. Excellent post and something I definitely needed to be reminded of today!

  3. Wow! I love this video! Thanks for sharing it with us - I think I'm even a little calmer as I sit here and think about the rest of my day.... one more Bible Study to lead, clean my house and write my article for Seeds of Faith for tomorrow!

    Thanks for the perspective!

    Happy iFellowship Day! Such a joy stopping by!

  4. Thank you Courtney for your words and for putting life into perspective. Your friendship blesses me more every day.


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