Monday, November 29, 2010

Why Wait?

Okay, I know that you will hate me by my saying this ..I know because I would hate it if someone else said it but ...

Why wait for the new year?

I love the new year.  I love a fresh, new twelve months just sitting there stretching out all clean, uncluttered and ready to be ridden to the anticipatory betterment of me.

I have a whole list of things that I want to be, do and achieve over the next few months or a year.

I am in an exciting place right now.  I feel very much like I am floating in the ocean, with a strong undertow just at my feet ready to pull me in and take me away.  I feel God's power moving through my life, through my family's life and through my friend's lives.  I feel it.

Even still, some of the things I feel inspired to change, do, or work on  I am tempted to move them to the back burner of the new year.

I want to participate in the Radical Experiment ..a one year commitment to praying for the world, reading the bible, giving specifically, giving my time ...but I want to start my one year on January 1st!

I want to focus on getting my body healthier ...but I want to wait until after the holidays, of course.

I want to declutter my house and get rid of things that I dont need ...but I want to wait til the spring.

The New Year seems like a perfect time to start fresh and new...right?

Or, am I putting off the blessings those things will bring me by pushing them to the future?

I think I am gonna try not putting it off. It may throw my whole "new year" rituals off course, but really ..I dont want to wait for another month before I see the benefits of a healthier body, a nurtured spirit, or a decluttered home.

What do you think? ...what New Year's resolutions do you anticipate making that you can get started now?

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