Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Resource Management: Get a new PLAN

This strategy works well with getting control of things ...sometimes getting control of something is a matter of coming up with a different, more effective way of doing it. Again, just having a plan sometimes is enough to destress a bit!

This post was originally posted November 11, 2008

Sometimes, when we look around and find that what have been doing for awhile isnt working anymore. Maybe there was never a plan to begin with, or maybe its just that your family, schedule or priorities have changed over time.

I know that when I was child-free, by routines were much different. My home would get cluttered, but was easily gotten under control. When I cleaned, it stayed that way on the most part. The messes were mine, or my hubby's ..which were easy pick up and put away in their clearly designated home. My routines were simple, through and completely inefficient for a home with children in it.

When I had one child, I got stuff done during naptime. It stayed clean, if not only for naptime. I had one child's worth of clutter and stuff, and only one to follow after. His schedule was mine, and I worked around it. That routine was slightly more complicated, but worked well for the time period. It does not work for our current crazy home of playdates, two kids, a dog, a cat, a part-time working mommy, an extra bedroom or two, church responsibilties ..etc.

If I held myself to the standard of either of those previous women, I would fall dreadfully short.

Even since I have had two children, our schedule has changed and evolved as naps changed and disappeared. Our plans have changed as kids get older, can take on responsibilities or their needs change. Our plans need to change as the kids have their own out of the home activities, and those have to meld beautifully their siblings, fathers and everyone's physical needs.

Plans need to change.

So, if things are not working right now ...ask, is it the plan itself that is flawed?

I could be that the routines that you have always used, and have always worked, may need revamped!


  1. I have to admit that sometimes I find myself deep in thought on whether I should change my shower to at night or keep it in the morning, whether I should grocery shop on Wednesday, when the deals first come out and there's plenty in stock, or Monday, when I have more time to plan and can get the penny item.

    Sometimes (okay, often) I feel silly for the amount of thought I put into "little" decisions like this, but my goal is to be ever more efficient and productive in my role as a wife and a mother, and I'm always tinkering with our routines:).

    I've always been a "stick with the plan" type person, but like you, I've learned that with two constantly changing children, we need a new plan quite often.

  2. Daggonit! Kim, not Greg! Drat that extra Google account:).

  3. I was impressed Greg was in such deep thought about his showering habits ;)


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