Monday, July 20, 2009

Resource Managment: Get OVER it!

I know, it sounds harsh.

I have to say though, this one I think can help us with a good majority of the stresses we have in our day and our life.

"Getting Over" stuff is about putting it all into perspective. Its about seeing things as they are, not how they make us FEEL. Its about taking responsibility for the feelings we have, and not allowing our emotional reactions to create stress for us, or others.

Dont get me wrong. There are plenty of things that we simply cant let go, or deny ourselves right to feel about. Death of a loved one, heart sick issues, marriage relationships, abusive situations..these cant be "gotten over".

But, there are plenty of things that we can really tell ourselves to move pass, give up, get over.

You know what I am talking about. We girls are the worst about mulling over, creating mountains out of mole hills, enlarging, sharing, fretting, building up our emotions by feeding the stress til it takes over our minds and spirits.

Its a girl thing.

But not a good one.

Think about how much stress you can free yourself of by simply telling yourself on the onset, that you simply must let it go.

This strategy doesnt work for those things that need to be done. You cant get over laundry, doing dishes, or grocery shopping. But, you can get over the socks he left on the floor, the words someone said, the worry or fretting over something you cant control, the fact that someone is doing something a different way than you would, etc.

This is a DECISION. You have to decide you will let it go. You decide what you allow to stress you out, work you up, make you "crazy" have to decide to not let it.

You will feel better. I promise.

Consider too, when you allow yourself to get stressed about anything it effects others whether it be the kids, the husband, the best friend, the guy at the grocery store, the customer service guy on the phone. Our stress levels dont just effect us. We owe it to ALL of those people to let go of stuff when we can :)

Need a little extra help to do that?

Pray. Pray for the ability to do so. Pray for peace. Pray for forgiveness. Pray for patience. Pray for mercy. Pray for a different perspective. Pray for him instead of getting mad about his socks. Pray her instead of thinking about her careless words.

We can do this. Its worth it!

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  1. "...the fact that someone is doing something a different way than you would."

    Somehow I had an inkling this was going to come up... Guilty, guilty, guilty. And I talk and stew and stress and talk and get exasperated and talk... and you get the idea. And why? Why do *I* need to be frustrated that someone else chooses to do things (or live) differently than me - in their lifestyle, marriage, child-rearing, finances...??? This is something I MUST work on.


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