Monday, July 20, 2009

Resource Management: Control

We are not all control freaks ..right? No, but those of us who do like control (no comments from the peanut gallery, please) feel that way because having control had a degree of calm that comes with it. Being able to know what is going to happen, when and how gives a sense of order to the scenario.

But, you dont have to be a "control freak" to be able to appreciate order.

Order, is when things have a predictable outcome. Things have a place,we know where to be when, we know where the pennies are going before we get them ..and so on. Having the ability to have a predicable outcome from the effort you are putting forth can be calming in it self. It can be destressing (if not overdone, sure.) to know what the next step is before you get there.

Often, when things overwhelm us, we tend to see it as a huge picture. We have to lose 25 pounds to get to our goal weight, we have a mountain of laundry, we have more bills than money ..etc. We see it as a looming monster that we can not get on top of, and it steals our sense of calm.

It can place us in a position where we are less trusting, as well. Because of that, it can steal our peace.

When we lack a sense of control over some important areas of our lives, we can lose sight of who is really in control of the big picture. When we feel like our resources are totally sapped, then we feel we are too weak, too inadequate, too lost, not good enough to handle all this mess.

Getting things "under control" is not that we are taking control away from God, but that we are seeking a sense of order from those things that loom so large. When we can find order in something, its easier to see God in there, ...because "God is not the God of disorder, but of peace." I Corinthians 14:33

"Getting control" of something simply means that we are seeing whatever that looming thing is, and identifying a way to a predicable outcome ..some that gives us a sense of order, and the ability to see what needs doing next.

One area that needs a sense of control, for all of us, is the area of our finances. When we know what we have, what we need to cover, how and when we will cover it and what we need to plan on next, we give ourselves a chance to breath a bit easier knowing that there is a plan.

God is always in control, even when we are not. He is bigger than our chaos and our clutter. He can rise above all those things and areas where we are so weak. But, he speaks more clearly when we ordered in areas where He desires to be glorified. When we are using our resources better, by bring them to a better sense of order, then he can use them more effectively in our lives.

If you have identified an area, or several, that are especially stressful for you ..consider that you many need to get control of that area.

Is your body and your unhealthy weight make you feel like you arent using your body the way God would want you to? Get CONTROL of it, Weight Watchers, eating more healthy and doing what you know to do, but get CONTROL of it.

Are your finances out of control, and you feel like you are drowning in bills? Financial Peace University, and the Dave Ramsey plan is simple and is great for helping you get that area under control.

Is your laundry, dishes or house work out of control? we will work on that these upcoming weeks. It is within our control, for the sake of order :)

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