Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tips on Tuesday: Prayer Blog

I was using this tip this morning and I realized that I benefited from it so much I should share :)

I have a PRAYER blog :)  Its a blog that I have that is just for me and God to read ;p

It was what I came up with when I realized a few things ...first, I do better with my prayers when I write them down. I have always kept a prayer journal, since I was a young teenager. I have boxes and boxes of journals that chronicle my adolescent, teenage, in like, in love, engaged, just married, pre-kid years :) Since having kids I have had a hard time getting back into the swing of prayer journaling, though I have tried various and asundry methods to do so. I needed a more efficient way

Then, I realized that I type faster than I write.

My brain that loves order likes typed word better than written.

I kept losing where I wrote my prayers ..was in my Stress Less Journal, was it in my planner, a blank book? I dunno. I basically have lost my prayers of the past 5 years.

I find blogging and typing very easy, and have to resist not doing that more than I need to.

So, I set up a blog for myself, where I made it totally private and accessible only to me.The posts are my prayers and thoughts for the day, just between me and God. Some are short and sweet and some are long and drawn out, when I am working through our giving alot over to Him.

Some things I have noted since starting this a few months ago ...
* I love having my prayers dated and timed 
*I love having my prayers so easy to read and reference
*I love having the sidebars to keep a prayer list, personal goal and book list 
* I love being able to quickly type my thoughts
* I love that I can access my prayer journal anywhere, from any computer
* I love that I go back and "comment" on my prayers ..whether an update or a change of heart
* I can link to things, people I am praying for, etc. for future reference 
* I can link straight from there to the online One Year Bible, devotional or bible study sites
* I love having a secret place where God and I can talk amidst the choas that is often all around me while I write :)

 Now, I certainly dont need a computer to pray, worship or praise God. But, it is a great way to focus my mind and work within the resources that I have been given, and use so often! It is also a way I have discovered I can take a weakness (too much time on the computer) and turn it into a blessing instead!

Just thought I would share, in case it helps you as much it as it has me! :)

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  1. really neat idea! I can relate to how it helps to write down prayer. I find that writing prayer helps me too...it's more deliberate than saying it in my mind and I like to go back and review every once in a while and see how much changes and how much stays the same! I do lose track of some of my prayer journals though!
    I love the blog idea and the opportunity to link, comment and access from anywhere...but I guess because I'm such a newbie at blogging, I'd be afraid that somehow it could end up not-so-private. I guess the only way that that would happen is if I forgot and posted on the wrong blog. =) oops!=)
    Great idea!


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