Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tips On Tuesday: Worship Time

This tip was shared by my friend Kim (one of our Moms Like Us), who has incorporated it into her daily worship time to the great benefit for her and her family :)

Kim suggested taking a church hymnal or devotional song book and to place it where you can see it throughout the day while doing chores. She has her's placed on the back of her sink, just beneath her kitchen window.

She says ...I propped mine open, and had an amazing time of worship while doing the dishes!  There are so many old songs that I had forgotten or that I didn't know all the verses to, and it was so wonderful to sing those old songs while I did the dishes.  At first, I looked up my favorites, but that took too long, so I just started at the beginning and sang all the verses to the songs I knew.  And I knew more than I thought!  Plus, the first section was praise songs, so they were all really upbeat.  I would sing every verse to a song and then turn the page.  I was actually disappointed when all my dishes were washed because I wanted to sing some more--and I'm not even that big of a singer!  

I think this is a great idea! I dont have a kitchen window, but I do have a place near my sink where I can incorporate this tip. I thought about using a recipe book rack as a prop for the book, so I can glance at the book without having to get the book wet or messy.

I love it! ...what ways do you incorporate worship time into your day?!


  1. I do this too! It's such a nice way to remind myself why I'm doing what I'm doing.

  2. Now that is a great idea! Every Sunday as we are singing hymns, I always think.....I need to read my hymn book and meditate on the beautiful, meaningful words. And then I come home and I forget!
    I am going to prop open a hymn book in my recipe holder right now. I may figure out how to put one in my kitchen window above my sink too.
    Thank you for such a great idea!

  3. My in-laws actually keep a hymnal on the back of their toilets as bathroom reading material.

    A couple weeks ago I took one of ours into the kitchen and had it propped up at the sink so I could remember all the verses to some hymns I was singing to Susannah. I don't have a good way to prop it (yet!) and it wasn't stable enough for me to comfortably leave it there. I should get something to prop it on because I'm always in a better mood when I'm singing - especially hymns or praise songs!


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