Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peace on Purpose

I know alot of us have been thinking in terms of living "purposefully".

I have been doing the same, especially as it relates to my use of God-given resources and the peace that comes from using them well. I am realizing that living simply, peacefully and a life of balance and awareness of God's purpose for us ..takes purpose!

To consider my very personal set of resources, hand picked by God for me ..takes purpose.

Choosing to use those resources in worthy ways ..takes purpose.

Being content with the resources God has given me ..takes purpose.

Basically, a life that is simple and free (or at least freeER) of unnecessary and unworthy stresses ..takes purpose.

Just like when we budget our finances on a monthly basis so that we are able to manage it the best, we need to be aware of how we are using our "everything we need" (2 Peter 1:3) on a daily basis.

It takes purpose to build a schedule that allows for resting our bodies, minds and spirits.

It takes purpose to make time for our husbands and children.

It takes purpose to be less judgemental of ourselves, so that we arent wasting mental and emotional energy on comparing us to others.

It takes purpose to let go of things that are not beneficial to us.

It takes purpose to consider what God wants of us more than what we want of ourselves, or what others make us feel we need to be for them.

To keep the theme going, you cannot expect your stress-less life to simply fall into place by itself.

Without effort you cannot expect your schedule to be open to nurture relationships in your life..

..or your home to suddenly become more ordered for the peace of mind of your family

...or your time with God to passively become a priority

...or find yourself with an abundance of relaxation and rest time for the sake of your body and mind

People who have created lives of simplicity and who balance their godly-assignments with their human resources, do so on purpose. I am working on living more purposefully all the way around ...these resources are too precious to be wasted on who knows what! :)

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