Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Milestone!

Well, the LPLS has hit a milestone! ..a couple, actually!

We hit 2000 visits all time ..I know, not a big deal if I were MckMama but I am little ol' ME and I am excited. We have certainly bumped our visits since our guest post on Smockity Frocks two weeks ago, and have been enjoying getting to know our new friends.

We also got our own DOT COM (can you hear the commercial in your head?). We are officially www.peacefullylessstressed.com!

How fun is that?!

Celebrate with us, by following us here on the site,  being a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Blog Frog ..whatever your little heart desires.  Sheesh ..things are crazy nowadays huh? How many ways can you say "I love it!" ..apparently as many as the buttons you can fit on your blog :) Now, I could link those to the words in this post BUT ..I am going to not be a perfectionist and do it right now. I am low on resources right this minute so ...there are buttons for all that on the sidebar :)

Thanks for being here ..and a shout out to Miriam, who gets the award for most comments in a week ..you have made me smile with all your sweet and encouraging words Miriam! :)

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