Wednesday, June 30, 2010


 Okay, I am gonna be open and honest with you girls today ...

My emotional resources are LOW today. They are in overdrive, and I can tell that they are overdrawing into my other resources BIG time!

The main reason I am a little emotionally strained is because today is my baby brothers birthday ...

 He would be 26 years old today. He passed away January 15th, 2006 in Iraq as he protected the country that I love so much. I know he is in heaven, and most days missing him is bearable and even excitement inducing knowing I will see him there at some point :)  But, there are a couple days a year where it is a bit more emotional than others.  Today is one of them.

Also, my boys and I both said good byes to dear friends today.  We and the Beals have built our families together over the past 6 years, meeting when we were both pregnant with our first little guys. They are members of the military, and headed on to their next mission in Alaska today. We miss them already.

So, you see that my emotions are a bit strained.

THAT is why I actually teared up talking to the INSURANCE lady today while trying to get a billing problem worked out. Seriously, that is not what that lady signed up for.

AND, that is why I havent gotten my video post up as planned. And, that is why I am gonna let it go and not worry about it today. I will have renewed resources tomorrow, and I guess God isnt asking that I post on youtube right this minute :)

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  1. Aw, Court. I'm sorry that today has been so low. It sure sounds like you are carrying around a heavy double-burden, with both your brother and your friends. I just said a prayer for you and will continue to lift you up. I hope you are at church tonight so that I can give you a big hug! Love you!


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