Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I remember in my psychology class in college, that I was struck with a "hmm" with the idea that everything we do has a motivation. Its a simple idea, really.  A profound one though, I felt at the time.

It is true, of course.

I know that for me, my expectations of myself have changed drastically as my motivations have matured. In college my motivation was related to education, finding a husband, and taking care of me. When I got married, my motivation for everything changed to being about me and my husband. If I thought my motivations were self-sacrificing then, I got a real slap in the face when I had kids...talk about a shift in motivation!

I have mentioned recently how my relationship with God has grown, as I have embarked on this journey to know a more peaceful and simple life. I think, looking back I can see that a big part of my moving foward down the road has been a change in motivation.

I see that my focus on my home, my family and my life in general has shifted to more about using what God has given me better. No longer am I motivated by simply having an ordered home, but rather that my home reflects peace and encourages a better relationship with God for everyone here.

Making our motivation more God directed, we are not just settling for the "best I can do" but rather "all that God has planned."  Strangly, I am finding that I am more content with less, I can let go of things easier, I can be okay with less than perfect ..but its because I am motivated by what God wants for me, not what I want for myself, or what the world says I should want.

I dont just want to keep peace in my relationships, because I am motivated by God in my own life and want to enourage that in others, so I have to get in sticky situations sometimes.  I dont just want to provide food for my family, I want to be a good steward of my resources and so I put the effort forth to spend wisely.  I dont just want to be happy in my marriage, I want to encourage my husband to be his best and so I must sacrifice, love unconditionally and keep my mouth shut sometimes.

What is motivating you? You may find that what you have let be your motivation is putting more weight on your shoulders than is needed, or that you are not living up to your god-given potential. I know I have been there, and am trying to keep that motivation true.


  1. Hi Courtney - I found your blog online - and your guest post at Smockety Frocks? I posted your article on our Homeschool Village


    Thanks so much!

  2. I understand about that slap in the face. I had one after getting married, one after each child, one with the "moves", and with my health the past several months.


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