Sunday, March 14, 2010

Project Simplify: Paper Clutter

 {okay, I am going to participate in this weeks Project Simplify challenge but I am reposting this to remind myself about a system the does work great for me long as I stay on top of it!}

A huge area of stress and clutter in my house is paper!

I just finished cleaning off my desk ..which was a pile of ridiculousness that I have been putting off for forEVER. I had piles everywhere and only I knew what to do with any of them.

I was forced to resurrect a great system that I used awhile back. I am now remembering how much easier it was than going through a pile of paper clutter for a couple of hours every few months. Like so many things, it is a matter of taking care of the clutter on the front side ..before it becomes clutter.

Having a place to put everything, just like in my house otherwise, is the secret to keeping the clutter down.

I found this file folder holder about a year or so ago at Sam's Club, of all places. They have all sorts of file keepers on sale right now,  so it would be a great to get what you need for this tool.  It came with some really cute file folders (cute makes everything easier). I think I bought the whole thing for $ works great for me!

It is in my kitchen, where I bring the mail ...the ROOT OF ALL PAPER CLUTTER!  I have each file folder labeled:  Current Bills, Finances, Current Projects, Receipts, Pending Business and Important Stuff (genius, I know).

As I open my mail, everything goes into one of these places or the trash.  I open it all right at the file folder so I open, file or throw away. No putting the filing off til later.

I have found that this keeps everything I need right at my finger tips when I need it (like, the bills), helps me keep track of small pieces of paper (invitations, receipts, gift certificates, etc.) and important information (like eye prescriptions, drs excuses, etc.). I do still have to file into my larger filing system at some point, but only every couple of months and then it is already sorted and organized.

Another great use of it is keeping track of receipts for tax purposes ..last year was our first year to itemize, so this year I am having to keep a close track on all my receipts. I am filing them straight to this file box so I know exactly where the money receipts are!  I will love myself next April :)

What type of paper clutter system do you use? Does it work for you??!


  1. Oh, paper clutter is a constant battle around here. I feel like I have to save EVERYTHING which usually leaves me with a towering stack of papers that I have no idea what to do with. I finally made up this cute little file basket and it has really helped out a lot. I also have a section in a 3-ring binder that I use to sort out the rest of the mail. Your file system is a lot cuter though. :)

  2. I love to organize, and it's crazy because I can never keep up on my papers! My organization is throwing everything important in a drawer (and sorting it/putting it away in it's proper place later) and it's soooo not working for me! I love your idea and may have to steal it! I'm pretty sure this is exactly what my Mom is in need of too!

  3. I have too much paperwork too. My problem is that once the file fills up, I don't want to go through that and file it away in the big file. I am terrible at organizing! :(

  4. I think I need to do this... everything lands in a pile on the table right now, and that's not good. Your's looks so cute, too :)


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