Thursday, June 2, 2011

Revisit: The Car Bucket

Okay, as we approach a year since my friend Ashley shared this WONDERFUL idea to me and I have started using it myself ..I had to revisit this wonderful tool :)

First refresh your memory ... I re-introduce ..the Car Bucket!

The basic idea ...  Ashley (a busy mom of two, going on three) carries a sturdy tote with her wherever she goes, in and out of the car. It helps her manage all the stuff that comes with kids, a busy life and the minivan that shuttles it all around. According to her, "the "car bucket" serves as a carry all for my cell phone, sippy cups, purse, a couple of diapers, blankets and more" when going from one place to another outside the house. 

She loads it up when she is at home, thinking of all she may need for that particular trip out. She packs the tote differently if she is visiting with friends, going to church, going on a grocery shopping trip or whatever. Her husband and kids know that everything that goes with them has to go in the CB and that it is there when they go to look for it later.

When they leave the house, she loads up the kids, the husband and the CB!  We all know that when Ashley comes over, she is gonna make ONE trip to or from the car. Everything she needs is in that one place.   If her kids need their sippy cups, check the CB first!  If she is heading the pool, betcha the towels and sunscreen are in the CB!  Snacks anyone? ..CB.

When she gets home she uses the CB to declutter her Swagger Wagon, making sure to grab all the kid-related odds and ends, as well as the trash they have generated on their trip out. She makes sure to empty it out at home, each and every time. This is my favorite part, since my vehicle is always a cluttered mess!

Tips from the master ... "The "car bucket" needs to be big enough to make it able to hold several items and small enough to carry. I don't like the floppy kinds I like the kind that is pretty stiff and holds its shape well. Also, I like them to have handles on each end. That way when they are pretty full you stick one end on your hip and the other end you can hold by the handle." 

One thing about the car bucket is that it will only work if you empty it IMMEDIATELY every time you come in the house. Otherwise it will just become something else in your car full of junk taking up space.  {Courtney here ...ABSOLUTELY TRUE!}

"When I am by myself so I don't forget anything I put the kids in the car first so they are strapped in the car ready to go (and can't get into anymore mischief). The car bucket is the last thing that goes in so that I can come in one last time take a quick look if I need anything else and toss it in. Then I lock the door and take the car bucket with me."

I agree with ALL of that has been a great tool for keeping order in our car and I have regretted the times when I have gotten lax about using it (after a week or two of vacation for instance, now...this post a good motivator!)

Here is a shot of my Car Bucket ...I shopped for this for a few months, went through one or two before I lighted on this awesome one from Thirty One. It is the large utility tote, and works PERFECTLY for us. It holds a huge amount in terms of stuff and weight, has great handles, and has held up the best of the ones we have tried!  ..I LOVE MY CAR BUCKET! :)

{ is possible that the Thirty One large utility tote is the customer special for June for ..I am just sayin' :)

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