Friday, March 11, 2011

Hip Homeschool Moms

You know that if you are a homeschooling mom that this time of year, as your kids are wrapping up this school year YOU are already thinking ahead to NEXT year!

I am not different ..I am very excited for what we have plans for, but need to move out some of this curriculum we are done with (or will be very soon!). Getting rid of that will relieve stress because we are "getting rid of it!" and because now we have some pennies to put towards those great plans! :)

I have my materials listed with a great community I found called Hip Homeschool Moms ..since I (of course) consider myself one such mom ;) I love to visit them on Facebook and their blog.

They have a great Homeschool Classified community I am utilizing is my listing if you are interested in purchasing my used Beyond Little Hearts to His Glory deluxe set :)

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