Friday, March 11, 2011

A good reminder for myself ...

{I had to repost this because I needed to be reminded one point this WORKED FOR ME! still does I just had to remember!}
I love organization! 

It makes me giddy to experience order, especially in my own home. Because of that, I get really frustrated when I cant achieve some level of order in my home. Just having had a baby 6 weeks ago, I am feeling that urge to order and reorder the world of crazy chaos around me :) ..three boys under 6 will do that to a gal.
I keep hearing one of my favorite order mentor, FlyLady saying ..."anyone can find 15 minutes in a day."  Now, not to disagree with her (like I said, I love her concepts and use them regularly) but 15 minutes all at one time is often IMPOSSIBLE to find in my crazy days. 

Part of the problem is if I do get 15 minutes at one time when I am not needed by a new baby, a potty training toddler, a learning to read 5 year old,  a wonderful daddy, a busy household ..I have 1000000 things to get done in that 15 minutes.

I have learned to settle for asking less (much less) of myself, and trying not to let that idea that "anyone can find 15 minutes" throw me off.  Somedays, 2 minutes to accomplish anything is all I have. 

But, I am working on a mental list of things to do that I can get done in 5 or less minutes is what I have come up with so far ...

*Make my bed ..JUST make my bed, not put clothes away or dust the dresser, JUST make the bed
*Switch the laundry 
*Fold some of the laundry ..maybe not all, but if I knock out half then its that much less that I have to do later
* Fill the dishwasher ..again, maybe not all but its okay
* Swish the toilet bowl
* Wipe off the bathroom sink
* Take the stuff on the stairs upstairs, or downstairs depending on where it goes
* Take the meat out for dinner
* Consider dinner 
* Clip this week's coupons ..not all, perhaps ..

Having a few things in mind before hand,  I can get straight to it in that quiet time between putting the kids in the bath and them start yelling about their sibling splashing them, or while the baby is happy between feedings and needing a nap, or that wonderful first 5 minutes that a cartoon is keeping their attention.
Short spurts of time can make a big difference if I have a plan, AND be okay with not getting something completed. Sometimes, it may take several short little productive bursts to complete that load of laundry but when its done, YAY! 

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  1. Oooooohhhh.... I NEEEEEEDed to read this. Thanks for the reminder!


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