Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy {Less Stressed} New Year!

I LOVE the New Year!

 {this was taken in Nashville, Tennessee where me and my family spent a white Christmas!}

I know it has a remarkable amount to do with my type "a" personality, but I love the newness of it. I love the vast openness of 12 unadulterated months of the year stretching before me. It holds so much potential..dont you think?

I have to stop myself from going overboard with "newness" though - I tend to want to scrap everything that is frustrating (my routines, my clutter, my systems) or not working well. I trend on the side of "get rid of everything and start over again!"  ..but this year I have determined to do no such thing.

I had a good year last year. I feel I grew in ways that I feel blessed and want to grow on those, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. I feel like I got some momentum and just want to carry that through to 2011 and keep a good thing going.

As a christian woman and/or wife/mom, you probably have similar goals as me - better care of my house, and my body, and to move towards a better relationship with God.

Those three things are really encompassing of several new and old (needing freshened up) habits, and will no doubt be the same ones I desire for next year :) ..but they are no less a great start.

With these thoughts in mind I have been mentally planning some things for LPLS in 2011 - posts reflecting my own desire to live peacefully with less stress in the areas of my life that I dwell the most. I hope to use this place a grounding place for my own challenges and efforts, and hope you will join me in that quest to being more what God wants me to be!

Lets get started ..its going to be a great year!

What great things are you feeling hopeful for in 2011?! I cant wait to hear!

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