Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tips On Tuesday: Shiny Sink

I am being a tip-stealer lately, but I figure that just because it isnt my original idea doesnt mean its not a great idea! :)

In effort to get control of my house a bit better I am using alot of Flylady's ideas (like Hot Spots) ..one more of them I have been using and have used is the "Shiny Sink" concept.

Flylady claims that by keeping your sink "shiny" you can keep a better control of your whole house ..I have to admit from experience, that it works!

She uses this as one of the first "baby steps" in her plan to decluttering your home and mind. It seems a simple thing, and it is. By keeping your sink always empty, cleaned out, sparkling and dry you are somehow motivated to keep the rest of the room clean; and in so doing, propelling yourself past the kitchen to the rest of the house.

I realize I am easily inspired, but it does work this way for me.
I have found that when I focus on keeping my sink shining, I keep the rest of the kitchen in order as well. Claiming this small victory really helps motivate me to the rest of the small victories I desire to claim as well.

Keeping my sink shiny means that I (and my family) either put the dishes directly in the dishwasher, or set dishes on the counter rather than in the sink. For some reason, it bothers me more to have the dishes on the counter and I am more motivated to get the dishwasher emptied and refilled.

I have found that her assertion that a made bed in the master bedroom works the same way, also works well for me. She says that a made bed is like a "shiny sink" for the bedroom. I agree - because somehow a made bed in the midst of clothes and other clutter just isnt as pretty :)

On the bad days when there is only mass choas as far as the eye can see it helps to see one  (or two if I get the bed made) spot that is decluttered and pretty :)

Its a small thing, but it makes a big difference for us :)

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