Thursday, January 6, 2011

a prayer

My mom shared this ancient prayer on her blog not too long ago ...its is appropriate for her and my dad because they are making radical movements towards a new life in Singapore! 

Regardless of where you spend your days and minutes, at home with little ones or ministering our brothers and sisters in another country ...may this prayers belong to each one of us.

Jesus, I am a humble, lowly servant.
Take me; all of me.
Adding anything, take anything away; 
at any cost, with any price, 
Make me yours completely ...wholly.
May I not be remembered for the way I wear my hair,
for the shape of my face, or for the people I know,
or for the friends and crowds I have addressed. 
May be known for loving you, 
for carrying a dream,
For building bridges to the hurt, to the broken,
and to the lost in the world.
Make me what you would be
if you lived in person where I do.
Make everything accomplished through my simple life 
bring honor and glory to you.
Take my human flaws and failures, 
and use them to remind those who know me
That only YOU are God, and I will always be {me}


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