Thursday, May 5, 2011

Women of Grace ..true study

The "Discovery" method of study is a way of exploring, and truly studying a section of scripture.  This summer, as we are looking to TRULY study God's Word, one possible tool is the attached worksheet that is based on this method.

According to Richard Foster in Celebration of Discipline, he says that to truly study a given thing we need to repeat, concentrate, comprehend and reflect. We study God's word because when you study something, your thoughts naturally gravitate towards your topic of study ..and we want our thoughts to be pure, lovely, praiseworthy and true.

The worksheet is very easy to fill out ...but is best done thoughtfully, over time and to add to it over the week. Foster says that aside from studying the material itself, that when we study we identify with the topic through observation, experience, supplementation and discussion...We girls are REALLY good at discussion!

We will going through a series of verses this summer on the topic of grace, hope, faith and peace. The women I worship with and I will be meeting to discuss these things in person once a week. Of course, we cant all do that but along with them but we will be doing alot of discussion here throughout the summer, and your insight would be a blessing!

Also, a group of godly women will be meeting together via a Facebook group ...Women of Grace, Hope, Peace and Faith (please note that any discussion there that is not encouraging and uplifting will be removed)...we would LOVE to have you there!

The "Discovery"  idea is basic and easy to remember, whether you have the worksheet or not. For our purposes we will be using a series of columns (think, a piece of paper turned landscape) that will help us explore these passages. Just remember:  WRITE, REWRITE, SO WHAT and WHAT ELSE?

WRITE the verse ..first column, write it out. Write it in different versions, write it word for word. Write it index cards and put it everywhere the car, on the mirror, above the kitchen sink, everywhere!  What about FACEBOOK? ..use your status to write it out then you are REPEATING that verse for your sisters in Christ as well!

REWRITE ...second column, write it again. This time in first person. Use 'me', 'my' and 'i' ...make the verse speak to YOU very specifically.  Then, paraphrase it ...wrap the passage up in one sentence or idea.

SO WHAT ..third column, so what are you going to do about it? After really considering the words that has spoken to YOU does that apply to you? Be general AND specific ..consider what challenges you are now required to make if you believe His words?  What commitments will you make?

WHAT ELSE ..last column, questions/thoughts/references/prayers ...whatever else you feel like you need to continue to study this passage. I enjoy defining words or clarifying ideas here.

The worksheet we will be using is available here ...please feel free to view, print and use this resource to help you in your true STUDY of scripture!


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