Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tips on Tuesday: Dicey Game

Okay, I almost feel silly sharing this one ..but it works so well for me and my kiddos that I decided that it is worth exposing my need for such mind tricks :)

This little game I play with myself is a variation of one I saw on Flylady's Facebook page. The way it was described there was a bit confusing, and didnt quite work for us - but we have adapted it and it works so well I literally use it at least one time day!

This game is to help motivate and focus energy in completing tasks ...any list of tasks really, but we use it to get the house under control. I use it for the first hour after my kiddos are in bed for the night.

You will need a place to write a list (I use my white board in my kitchen), a pen, a dice and a timer.

You need a list of 6 tasks (e.g., pick up the living room, dining room, entry way; do laundry, declutter that drawer, etc.). Number them 1-6.

Then, just roll the dice, set the timer for 10 minutes, and get to work on the corresponding task from your list!

In an hour, you have completed all 6 tasks - getting a good amount done, if you are able stay focused for the whole time.

If not, this works great for me throughout the day. I will make my list in the morning, and steal 10 minutes whenever I can get it. I just roll the dice and go with it.

The kids really like this too - I will make them a list of their own chores, number them and let them roll the dice. In a perfect world, we can compete to see who gets their tasks done first...which of course my boys love :)

Like I said, it's kinna funny that require such things, but sometimes I just need some help getting my mind focused on the tasks that need doing. Having someone or something tell me what to do works for me!

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