Monday, June 15, 2009

Woman, Woman

A friend of mine pointed out a beautiful section of scripture this week that my thoughts have returned to often the past few days.

I have read it, like I am sure most of you have, lots of times. It creeps into alot of "women" talks and such. This week, I am seeing it differently and hearing Jesus say something I haven't heard before...

In Luke chapter 10, Jesus and his disciples descend in true man form upon the house of Martha and Mary. I am sure that they were so excited ..and a bit stressed. It seems that Martha was alot stressed, as the scripture says she was "distracted by all the preparations that had to be made." Well, you cant blame her..right? She had opened her home to a flock of unexpected guests, and one of them was Jesus for goodness sake! She had alot to do to live up to the expectations of a hostess during that time.

I am sure she was fuming when she looked around to find Mary relaxing with Jesus. I would be.

When Martha, after some heated mental arguing with Mary I am sure, "mentions" to Jesus ..."Lord, dont you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her help me!" vs.40

I can relate.

But then, for all her human justification, Jesus looks at her calmly and says ..."Martha, are worried and upset about many things." vs.41

Can you relate to that instruction? Again, so can I. I can hear him saying gently, "Courtney, Courtney, you are upset and worried about many things..."

(I am! I have so many roles, so many jobs, so much to do, so much to be done! I am a mom, a wife, a friend, a christian, a daughter, a sister ...and everyday I have more and more that needs to be done, and I have to do it all well because I love you and I love your Father! )

But, then He gently goes on ..."but only one thing is needed." vs. 42a


"Mary has chosen what is better," (...sisters are so annoying)

And here is the kicker ...and the part that I love the most related to our stress ..."and it will not be taken from her." vs.42b

Do you ever feel like the things that distract and upset you take away from you that one thing that is needed?

I sure do. That story for me is like Jesus sitting right beside me and telling me those very words.

I think that by allowing stress to run our lives, we are letting the Martha part of us take the Mary part of us away from Jesus ..and it ought not be so.

Let's keep working on this stress thing, it will be worth it when we can sit at Jesus feet and just listen to what his has to tell us, free of all those darn distractions!


  1. Court-Wow I can relate to the verse "but only one thing is needed." vs. 42a And I can especially relate to your "(Oh.)".
    So many times I get caught up in all the things, the details, the distractions-that take away from the very reason, the very purpose of what my focus is (or should be).

  2. I am really trying with this blog and class. I know for sure because last Thursday was a very trying day at work, Friday was wrapped up crying over pain with my head in Walt's lap, yesterday was somewhat trying, but today was one of the worst day's at work I have ever had in my life. Obviously I am working on getting myself together personally and spiritually and the hinderances are abounding. I am glad I journeyed back to read comment. I can lose focus, too.

  3. One thing that I noticed in the course of the last year, is when we work on this area of our lives we are taking power away from Satan. We are taking back what didnt belong to him because those were resources meant for God's use..not his. In our stress we may be simply not being effectively working, thinking, praying for, on and to God. That is a place for Satan to lurk ..and knows it. If you are working on depowering him in your life by working on your stress levels ..he may be working on you right back.

    Hang in there Daphe ...God is bigger than pain, work issues or any other weight that you have to bear ..give it to him and let His spirit give you peace as you rest in Him, even amidst all the struggles.


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