Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome to our Bible Study!

Welcome to the first week of our Living Peacefully Less Stressed bible study!

We will be working together for 12 weeks to decrease our stress levels and encourage each other to being able to receive all the gifts God wants to give us ..especially peace!

Having the Spirit in us promises that we will be filled with godly love, perfect joy, unbelievable patience, profound kindness, unexplainable goodness, undeserving gentleness, undying faithfulness, unwavering self-control ...and undeniable peace.

Stress, though can hinder our full experiencing of those things that are meant for us in Christ.

It can cause us to be distracted and lacking in focus. It can weigh our heart so that we arent able to fully experience those blessings of the Spirit. It can muddle our thinking so that we do not ponder on the truths of God, and keep us from finding the peace that comes from meditating on them. Stress can interfere with our relationships, which take away from our getting to know God better. It can drain our energy so that we arent able to fully engage in God's purpose and will for our lives.

We want to take a good hard look at stress (what we have), peace (what we are missing) and come up with a plan to be able to decrease and increase those as needed! :)

If you are joining us in person, every Wednesday night ...yay! Just come here once a week and get on board with our mutual pondering :) Be looking for a post related to each past week's class discussion ...these posts will be a supplement to our conversations in class, and will hopefully serve to continue that line of thought.

If you are not joining us in person, we still would love for you to participate!

Any and all of you, please comment, suggest, disagree, agree ...whatever. Comment and share so that we can inspire each other to a great level of motivation to defeat this looming monster in our lives!

If you are a Blogspot blogger, you can become a "follower" and have the posts be part of your dashboard. If you are on Facebook, then you can also join the Living Peacefully Less Stressed group and get updates that way. Or, you can do it the "old fashioned" way and just check in here once a week!

Either way, I am so excited to you are here! :)

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