Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Living Peacefully Less Stressed ..the Class

I am so excited about creating a summer long bible study and discussion group for the ladies at my church, Summerville Church of Christ! We will be starting next Wednesday, June 10th.

My vision is that it will not be contained to the grounds there ..but through the blog it will include anyone who wants to participate in this exploration of how stress affects us and what we can do to be more effective for Christ's Kingdom by decreasing our stress levels.

The posts the next 12 weeks will be related to the discussion we have in class, and via the posts' comments will hopefully continue and add to the encouragement we can gain from each other in this area!

I am feeling so compelled to encourage my fellow christian woman (and men, Jason ;) to a place where we are more ready to accept the movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

I have set up a Facebook group, named "Living Peacefully Less Stressed" for those who may want to follow our posts that way. I hope that regardless of how you follow, you will comment and encourage other women in your same position!

Cant wait to get started!

For now ...can you tell me what causes stress in your life? It can be specific or general, what I want to know! Consider it research :)

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  1. I am learning that even though I have never been one to "keep up with the "Jones"" I often allow myself to be judged by the "jones". Selfishly I allow what others think I should be doing creap into my mind. the sad thing is that they don't "judge me". I allow it in my head....

    I know that my Lord has called me to be a mom and teach them every moment that I have, but often I want to do things that make my home more stressful-you know, have this party or that.....

    At this moment I am determined to make my home a happy place--cleaned of clutter and happy for my wonderful husband to come home some ways June had it figured out....she just needed a house keeper!! LOL I often think that June Cleaver had to have had lots of Bible time!! She knew the words of the Lord.

    Cortney, you will be blessed by opening up this class in your place of worship. It is truly a need that must be discussed!! Miss you girl!!


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