Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Its not about ME

Too much is made of the effect that things have on "me". Our society screams self-gratification, self-focus, self-indulgence, self-motivation, self self self. It creates such an impure view of the world, and our role in it.

Nature is so expressive of this truth. God's creation is so obviously not about one individual living thing over another, but how each one thing effects the whole.

Its not about an individual ant, but about his role in colony. Its not about one bee, but his part of the hive. Its not about one flower, but all the flowers that one flower pollunates. Its not about this rain storm, but how it effects the wind 1000 miles away. Everything God created effects something or someone else.

We, like the flowers, animals, bees, and winds are not in bubbles. We arent set apart from the influences, or from influencing others.

Its not about an individual mother, but how her care and home-making effects those in her charge. How THEY go out and, because of her roles, effects others and builds their own "christian factory".

Its not about the soldier, but the cause and his country.

Thats why God allows bad things to happen - because what is bad to one, may be a blessing to others. One bad thing may make all the difference in the bigger scheme of things.

We can get really self-focused and wrongly see God's work in our lives if we think that everything He does is for US. Its not.

Its for His glory.

He blesses, gives, takes, and comforts and provides so that we may be able to glorify HIM.

He gives us bodies, energy, finances, resources so that we have what we need to glorify HIM; to fulfill our part of plan...to bring as many to heaven as possible.

So, we must manage our homes, bodies, time, finances, resources so that we fulfill that purpose. Its a big deal.

Its not about you, its about Him and His plan which we are so blessed to be part of.

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