Friday, July 25, 2008

DeStress Finances: Coupons

Alot of destressing in any area is simply taking control of it. An effort to improve any area gives a degree of release of stress. It allows us to tell ourselves that we are doing something about it.

Because finances is an area that simply must be faced head-on, no passive acceptance in hopes of it getting better, then one must stay aware of ways to face it. One way to destress our finances, is by spending that resource the best way we can.

Coupons help me do that.

Yes, it can be tedious, but there is so much help out there for getting control of the coupons, where to find them, when to use them, which to use at which stores. There are is alot of help to guide you ..and lots of money to be saved.

Some places to go for help and to learn how to spend coupons well is Money Saving Mom , The Grocery Game and Coupon Mom websites.

Simply learning how to do it can help take some of the stress out of using coupons :)

I have learned to watch the ads for good deals. But to make those deals even better, I "stack" coupons and end up paying little or nothing for stuff. Once you learn how, its very satisfying feeling.

Also, check out CVS 101 on Money Saving Mom...she will teach you how to get good deals, earn CVS cash, spend that cash, and make more cash to spend on things you need..making staple toiletries, household goods, kid supplies inexpensive or even FREE.

This is a great way to DEstress our finances..good luck!

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  1. great ideas!! thanks for taking the time to do this- Angela


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